Virtual Reality and Digital Shamanism w/ Sander Bos ~ Ep. 46

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As the technology of virtual reality continues to progress, it is important that we look beyond the uses gaming companies, Facebook, and Samsung will develop it for. What happens when the capacity to build a completely immersive and convince alternate reality lands in the hands of visionary artists and shamanic healers? Continue reading Virtual Reality and Digital Shamanism w/ Sander Bos ~ Ep. 46

Dying To Know: The Story Of Tim Leary and Ram Dass w/ Gay Dillingham ~ Ep.45

We welcome Gay Dillingham to the April full moon edition of ATTMind Radio. Gay is an award-winning filmmaker and the director of Dying To Know: Timothy Leary and Ram Dass.

We have her on the show to talk about Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert (now known as Baba Ram Dass), who they were on the surface of history but also who they were as people, friends, and members of a larger community.

We also talk about the process of making this film and why she felt telling the story of these two men was so important that she was willing to invest 19 years of her life into making it. (Also, how it was she got Robert Redford to narrate this film about counter-cultural heroes!)

Personally, watching this film was perspective altering for me, which I talk about in the episode. Having been exposed to an intimate revealing of people whom I had only known as the legends that had come before me, was deeply meaningful.

If you do, or don’t know who these men are it’s still a worthy listen, as, like Gay proclaims in the film, “whether you know them or not, chances are they changed your life”.

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The True Light Of Darkness | Official Soundtrack

The True Light Of Darkness is a literary exploration of the turbulent struggles involved in entheogenic shadow-work. focused on the Author’s more disturbing encounters with the magic psilocybin mushroom, this book confronts the demons laying wait in the dark recesses of the psyche. This is its soundtrack.

Featuring exclusive audio samples from the author, this album flows with dark and tripped out downtempo psybass and womp that bends the mind and moves the body. ”

Listen to the album here

The Daniel Cleland Experience | Ep#1 | James W. Jesso

The inaugural episode of what I imagine will be a podcast to reckon with. Dan Cleland, the man behind Pulse Tours, had me on his show to talk about psilocybin. However, it seems we talked more about the effect of global shadow emergence and the responsibility of politicians to face the unsheathed entheogenic reality.

We also get to talking about my traumatic experience in Peru back in 2014. An interesting topic to discuss with Dan as he runs the retreat where it happened and was present during the incident.

You can Listen to the show here:

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Prohibition Fatalities and MDMA Complexities w/ Emanuel Sferios ~ Ep 44

ATTMind Radio Ep 44

Emanuel Sferios is an activist, educator and harm reduction advocate. Founding DanceSafe in 1998 and starting the first laboratory pill analysis program for ecstasy users that same year, Emanuel pioneered MDMA harm reduction services in the United States. He is currently producing a documentary on MDMA highlighting its use in therapy as well as harm reduction as a practical, rational alternative to three decades of failed efforts at prohibition. Continue reading Prohibition Fatalities and MDMA Complexities w/ Emanuel Sferios ~ Ep 44

Exploring Consciousness: The Work Of James W. Jesso