The Daniel Cleland Experience | Ep#1 | James W. Jesso

The inaugural episode of what I imagine will be a podcast to reckon with. Dan Cleland, the man behind Pulse Tours, had me on his show to talk about psilocybin. However, it seems we talked more about the effect of global shadow emergence and the responsibility of politicians to face the unsheathed entheogenic reality.

We also get to talking about my traumatic experience in Peru back in 2014. An interesting topic to discuss with Dan as he runs the retreat where it happened and was present during the incident.

You can Listen to the show here:

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Prohibition Fatalities and MDMA Complexities w/ Emanuel Sferios ~ Ep 44

ATTMind Radio Ep 44

Emanuel Sferios is an activist, educator and harm reduction advocate. Founding DanceSafe in 1998 and starting the first laboratory pill analysis program for ecstasy users that same year, Emanuel pioneered MDMA harm reduction services in the United States. He is currently producing a documentary on MDMA highlighting its use in therapy as well as harm reduction as a practical, rational alternative to three decades of failed efforts at prohibition. Continue reading Prohibition Fatalities and MDMA Complexities w/ Emanuel Sferios ~ Ep 44

Who’s Next? Perspectives on Fentanyl Poisoning and The Opioid Crisis

There is a growing opioid crisis happening around the world and it’s getting particularly worrisome here in Canada. The casualty rate is growing dramatically and across not only the opioid user demographic but that of the non-opioid drug user as well.

There are several factors that are slowly being sewn into to our understanding of where this opioid crisis has come from, but what I intend to focus on here is the proliferation of fentanyl on the illicit drug market. Continue reading Who’s Next? Perspectives on Fentanyl Poisoning and The Opioid Crisis

On Psychedelics: A Conversation (Live in Melbourne, Australia)

In March 2016 I was welcomed to a Festival in Australia. While out there I made specific plan to connect with author and psychonaut, Julian Palmer, whom I previously only knew through his book, Articulations, and a skype chat him and I had (which you can watch here).

A series of incredible synchronistic occurrences led to the festival I was flown out for being canceled and in turn, Julian helped arrange us to do this talk together. It was a one night only special event and we thankfully had audio recorded by one of the guests!

We discuss topics where we align (making serious choices and doing the hard work of real personal transformation outside of the psychedelic experience) and where we don’t align (the ontological validity of DMT entities).

We also talk about

  • facing the shadow,
  • psychospiritual maturation,
  • using psychedelics for healing,
  • the psychonaut’s life path,
  • the failures of ayahuasca culture,
  • the potential significance of psilocybin as an agent of social change,
  • behavioral conditioning and deconditioning,
  • taking mushrooms in the float tank,
  • telepathy,
  • trusting the plant’s intelligence,
  • organic vs. synthetic drugs,
  • the ainima of ketamine
  • …. and more!


On Psychedelics ~ Main Talk

On Psychedelics ~ Q&A

Recorded live in Melbourne, Australia on March 17, 2017

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The Human Experience Podcast – EP 89 – James W. Jesso

The Human Experience Podcast focuses on the deconstruction, demystification and philosophical understanding of the things that make us human.

Xavier and the Human Experience Podcast team had me on the show to talk about my books, working with psilocybin as a spiritual ally, plant medicine in general, deconstructing the ego & surrender.

(as well as to pick my brain about my thoughts on Luke and Yoda in the Dagobah swamps as a proverb for the psilocybin journey)

You can listen to the episode here:

But I highly suggest heading over to their main page for all the show notes and various reference links, as well as their other great episodes.

Exploring Consciousness: The Work Of James W. Jesso