Benton Rooks ATTMind Radio ep 4This interview is with Benton Rooks, author of the TRETA-YUGA graphic novel trilogy, a writer for Reality Sandwich and Disinfo, and a generally awesome guy. In 2014 he co-coined the term “entheodelic storytelling” with Graham Hancock, shamanic filmmaker/author Rak Razam, and Jeremy D. Johnson, editor of the psychedelic culture section of RS.

We speak about the often-marginalized power of the storytelling narrative in fiction and literature, the role of mythology in the contemporary culture, altered states for creativity, and generally what it’s like to be a fringe writer in the modern world.

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Benton’s Website

Benton on Twitter
Benton on Reality Sandwich
**Yugaverse – Benton’s Graphic Novel Series**


Magic Mushroom Explorer – Simon G. Powell
Decomposing The Shadow
Birdman Trailer
Ketamine and Magnesium Connection

Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said – Philip K. Dick

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