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This is a list of articles, books and other items that have been officially published or sources other than myself. It does not include the numerous articles and pieces release through my personal website. Nor does it include podcast interviews or videos.


‘Close Encounters With Life; Feeling Fragile’,, Featured Article (Digital Release) ~ March 19


‘Healing In Love; To Know The Pain Of Too Much Tenderness’,, Featured Article (Digital Release) ~ January 12

‘The Science Of Treating Depression With Ketamine’, PsyPressUK, Featured Article (Digital Release) ~ February 8

‘The Science Of Treating Depression With Ketamine’, Reality Sandwich, Featured Article (Digital Release) ~ February 19

‘Psilocybin & Emotional Trauma’, Graham Hancock Official Blog, Featured Article (Digital Release) ~ February 24

Republished on High Existence


‘Psilocybin: A Spiritual Experience That Has The Potential To Unearth Your True Self’, Collective Evolution, Featured Article (Digital Release) ~ November 29

‘Cultivating the Teacher: Exploring The Relationship Between Sufism and Magic Mushrooms’, Muswell Hill Press , Essay Featured in Print Journal “Out Of The Shadows: A Cornucopia from the Psychedelic Press” ~ July 20

‘The True Light Of Darkness’, SoulsLantern Publishing, Trade Paperback ~ July 10

‘The 4 Archetypes Of Psilocybin’, Psychedelic American, Essay Featured in Print Journal “Psychedelic American: Vol 1” ~ June 9

‘My First Darkness (Part 2): Purging Through The Entheos’, PsypressUK, Featured Article (Digital Release) ~ May 26

‘My First Darkness (Part 1): Night Terrors, Junkies, and Gore Films’, PsypressUK, Featured Article (Digital Release) ~ May 20

‘Entheogens And The Mind Of Society’, The Blasted Tree Publishing House,   Chapbook ~  February 10

‘Dagobah as a Proverb for the Psychedelic Journey’, Reality Sandwich, Featured Article (Digital Release/Book Excerpt) ~ April 13


‘Rendering Altered Reality’, Highbrau Magazine, Article published in Print and Online, “Highbrau 12 – Dreams & Reality – Volume III; Issue IV” ~ October 2014

‘Cultivating the Teacher: Exploring The Relationship Between Sufism and Magic Mushrooms’, Psypress UK, Essay Featured in Print Journal “PsypressUK Anthology 2014 v.3” ~ August 2014!/Psychedelic-Press-UK-2014-Vol-3/p/39970741/category=0

 ‘Spiritual Growth and Psychedelics’, PsypressUK, article/digital release ~ June 23

 ‘The 4 Archetypes Of Psilocybin’, Soulslantern Publishing, Audiobook ~ May 4

‘Soundscapes & Psychedelics’, Soulslantern Publishing, Trade Paperback ~ April 19

‘Decomposing The Shadow: James Jesso on Psilocybin Psychotherapy’, Solpurpose, interview/digital release ~ April 10

‘Ayahuasca & I’, PsypressUK, 4-part article/digital release ~ February 3, 11, 16, & 24

‘Technological Organism’, Wakeup World, Article/Digital Release ~ March 21 

‘Reigniting Awe’, PsypressUK,  Article Featured in Print Journal “PsypressUK Anthology 2014 v.1” ~  March ? 

‘Decomposing The Shadow’, Comment Canada,  Article Featured in Print Magazine “Comment Issue 3 – Magick” ~  Early 2014

**Link unavailable as magazine company disbanded and removed all online presence**


‘Sacred Sexuality: A Spiritual Perspective on Monogamy and Polyamory in Western Culture’, Wakeup World, article/digital release ~ September 27

‘Decomposing The Shadow: Lessons From The Psilocybin Mushroom’, SoulsLantern Publishing, Trade Paperback ~ June 19 


 ‘Transcending Envy’, Wakeup World, Article/Digital ~ August 22

‘The Mushroom: helper and healer’, The Gauntlet, Online & Print Article in Calgary, AB Street Press ~ April 12


‘The 4th Reason’, Occupied Free Press, Online & Print Article ~ December 6

‘Why They Don’t Occupy’, Occupied Free Press, Online & Print Article ~ November 26

‘Why We Occupy’ (co- author along side R.W. and E.L.), Occupied Free Press, Online Article ~ Unknown Date

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