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robot painting a psychedelic nurture landscape but it looks like the matrix

Today we feature another addition to our Psychedelic Café series. This time exploring what art means and what the meaning of art might become in a growing era of ai generated art-like images flooding the mindspace of humanity through consumptive digital media channels. Our guests are Autumn Skye, Simon Haiduk, Evan Bartholomew (aka Bluetech), Martina Hoffman, Chor Boogie, Dan De Santos, and Micheal Phillip.

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Adventures Through The Mind | James W. Jesso

James W. Jesso,  Art by Mesloes

James W. Jesso is the author of Decomposing The Shadow: Lessons From The Psilocybin Mushroom and the host of the Adventures Through The Mind podcast.

“My primary goal with Adventures Through The Mind is to explore psychedelic culture, research, and medicine. However, attached to that primary goal is a secondary goal: supporting the personal and cultural integration of psychedelic experiences in a functional and healthy way. I move towards that goal by exploring the psychedelic field with a curiosity for immediate and valuable relevance to a person’s lived life.

The psychedelic experience really shines when we find a way to integrate what we’ve learned from it into our daily lives. My desire to help that with that integration on a personal and cultural level is why I make Adventures Through The Mind.”

His work is inspired by his healing path through depression, substance abuse, and trauma, and focuses on translating the profound insights of the psychedelic experience into a higher quality of life, for both the individual and society.

This website is catalog of James’ work, including his podcast, writings, and lectures.
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