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A somatic approach to therapy is one that attends to the visceral reality of the body as a point of significant influence in one’s healing process.

A somatic relational approach is one that attends to the role of interpersonal neurobiology in both the development of illness and trauma, as well as its healing.

A somatic relational approach to psychedelic therapy attends to the healing process as one of remapping one’s interpersonal neurobiology through the relational dynamic between client and therapist, assisted by the profound states of consciousness psychedelics awaken within the client.

It proposes that understanding how the nervous system incurs, holds, expresses, and heals trauma through the living dynamic of our relationships over time, and engaging that within a psychedelic session, is an essential element to healing  trauma.

a relational somatic approach to psychedelic therapyThis is a radically different approach to the psychedelic-assisted therapy you are likely aware of–headphones, eye shades, therapist there to hold a hand if needed. This is a therapy that is fully interactive and engaged.

We feature two anonymous guests on today’s episode to talk about this somatic relational approach to psychedelic therapy. One of whom is a practicing underground therapist. The other is not a therapist or doing therapy, but a social worker and researcher specializing in somatic healing, interpersonal neurobiology, and psychedelic therapy.

The therapist is actually Tooth Fairy. One of the people featured in a previously released anonymous episode, episode 90, “Psychedelic Psychotherapy: A Conversation With Three Underground Providers” where a collection of female underground therapists talked about psychedelic therapy. [transcript to that episode available here]

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Episode Clips



Big Reveal!

Tooth Fairy has recently chosen to reveal her identity.

Rita Bozi is a multidisciplinary Somatic Relational trauma and psychedelic-informed Facilitator. With twenty-eight years experience in the healing arts, she is the director of Brilliant Healing Inc. She works with individuals, couples and groups, leading unique, experiential and creative healing retreats. She is a colleague of Dr. Gabor Maté and studied his “Compassionate Inquiry” model. She was mentored by the late Carol-Anne Bickerstaff and is currently a student of Sharon Stanley’s Somatic Transformation.

Rita has deep respect for and experience with both non-traditional and Indigenous medicines and draws from attachment-based, mindfulness and bio-psycho-social awareness in healing.

She is a retired dancer and actor but will always be a creator and performer. A published writer, she has completed her first novel, When I Was Better and is currently writing PUNK Therapy, drawing on her work with psychedelic medicine in combination with Somatic Relational practices. She documents the often painful and challenging but always deeply rewarding journey of client and medicine facilitator and their parallel journeys in healing.

Born to Hungarian refugees who fled during the 1956 Revolution, Rita honours and remembers the long line of serfs and peasants who are her ancestors. She is devoted to the work it takes to become a human, decolonizing the body.

Learn more about Rita’s work here

Episode Breakdown

[timestamps available on the youtube page]

  • Weathering transference during a session; positive versus negative transference
  • Why we were talking about somatic therapy with psychedelics
  • Healing our social fabric and up-skilling our community [link to Sweden lecture]
  • Neurobiology of connection and trauma healing
  • Neurobiology of co-regulation in infancy and adulthood
  • Applying co-regulation practices to psychedelic therapy, plus an example
  • How early life attachment wounds can become trauma in adulthood and how they are healed
  • How attachment wounds contribute to physical illness
  • The role of intellectual understanding during somatic healing
  • How to carry somatic healing into our lives afterwards; integration
  • “Symbolic“ versus body-based healing trauma
  • The first healing response to the wound is not always the final step in that healing
  • Becoming human through healing trauma in the body
  • How connecting to the earth is a vital part of our healing process
  • Connecting with the intelligence of plant medicine
  • The value of slowing down; finding optimal arousal state for entering into psychedelic spaces
  • Trauma expressing as hyper-function
  • What role does feeling the pain—shadow work—play in healing trauma with somatic psychedelic therapy
  • Bypassing shadow work euphoria addiction
  • A story of healing through abject terror on 5-MeO-DMT
  • The vital role of love in healing trauma through somatic therapy with psychedelics
  • How do different psychedelics fit with different needs and phases of somatic healing
                • MDMA, 3MMC, 5MEODMT, ketamine, psilocybin
  • The healing power of connecting with Transcendence
  • Healing ancestral trauma
  • More on the healing power of connecting with Transcendence

Want to learn more about somatic relational therapy and the neurobiology of relationship?

here are some follow-up links provided by  Tooth Fairy and Curlz



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