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Set (psychological context), setting (sociocultural and physical context), and dose (how much of what substance)

These are the three variables that psychedelic research has come to settle on as the primary means by which we influence the highly mutable outcome of our psychedelic journeys. However, as important as setting and dose are, they ultimately support the set.

What mindset best supports deep journeys into the psychedelic realms? What mindset allows us sturdy passage while protecting us from inner and outer adversity?  What mindset best steadies us as we sail the psychedelic seas?

An explorer’s mindset

At least, that is the case presented by our guest for this episode, Robert Rio Hahn

robert rio hahn, explorer's mindsetRobert “Rio” Hahn is an explorer, photographer and filmmaker, author, and speaker on the exploration of altered states of consciousness. He is popularly known by the sobriquet “Rio,” given to him during his Amazon explorations. Hahn has been elected a Fellow of The Explorers Club and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.  He served two terms on the International Board of The Explorers Club, Ombudsman, and three terms as Chairman of the San Diego Chapter. He is the recipient of five Explorers Club Expedition Flags, a licensed sea captain, an open water diver, a founding member of the International Society for Ethnopharmacology, and recipient of the title of High Chief of Western Samoa.

Hahn’s formal work in the field of psychedelics began when he served as Scientific Chief for the Institute of Ecotechnics Amazon Expedition, a two-year ethnopharmacological expedition that ventured 2,200 miles up the Amazon River. Utilizing the research vessel Heraclitus, which was built by Hahn and his Ecotechnics associates 1975, he equipped the vessel with a phytochemical laboratory for doing field chemical extractions of fresh plant material. His expedition mentors included Harvard Prof. Richard Evans Schultes, Sir Ghillean Prance, Bo Holmstedt, and Laurent Rivier, and expedition participants included Terrance and Dennis McKenna, and Wade Davis. Hahn’s unprecedented work on the oral use of Datura by Hindu Swami Dharmjyoti in Nepal led his friend and mentor Albert Hofmann to bestow on him the title “Dr. Psychedelica.”

RV Heraclitus on the Amazon, by John Allen

Following the Amazon Expedition, Hahn served as Expedition Chief for the three-year Around-the-Tropic-World Expedition onboard the R/V Heraclitus, producing the cultural documentary film series Journeys To Other Worlds. For nearly five decades, Hahn and his associates have engaged in a number of innovative ecological projects on five continents. Hahn is a founding Director, Fellow, and past president of the Institute of Ecotechnics, whose research led to the Biosphere 2 Project, which he co-initiated.

Robert ‘Rio’ Hahn is on the show for this episode to present an explorer’s mindset to us, and all that it can offer us, through sharing his history as not only an explorer but one of the founding fathers for ethnobotanical research of psychoactive plants in the Amazon. He is not only a curious and sharp-minded man but an important figure in the history of psychedelic culture as we know it today.

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Episode Breakdown

  • Rio journey into the amazon on the  R/VHeraclitus to study psychoactive plants with Wade Davis and Dennis and Terrence McKenna
  • What it was like to drink ayahuasca before anyone knew what ayahuasca was
  • Is there regret for helping pave the way for ayahuasca tourism?
  • How an explorers mindset can protect us from shamanic exploitation
  • How and explorers mindset can help us navigate the pandemic crisis
  • Surrender, acceptance, curiosity, and breath
  • How to be explorers while holding psychoactive plants as teachers
  • Rios journey into datura with a Hindu swami (swamis sacred plant)
  • Keep hold of the explorers’ mindset

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An Explorer’s Mindset; Sailing The Psychedelic Seas | Robert Rioh Hahn from ATTMindPodcast

Rio’s Book, Sailing the Psychedelic Seas

In his upcoming book, Sailing the Psychedelic Seas, Hahn expands on our understanding of “Set,” meaning Mind Set, one of the most critical aspects of altered states exploration. Drawing on his wealth of experience, and lessons learned from mentors Ralph Metzner, Richard Evans Schultes, Albert Hofmann, John Lilly, Timothy Leary, Oscar Janiger, and others, Hahn has developed a practical paradigm for creating your own Mind Set, whether as a novice or experienced psychonaut. He draws on his experiences with psychoactive substances in a range of settings, from ayahuasca in the Amazon to the deadly Datura in Nepal. At this time of the renaissance in psychedelics, his work can help us develop the ability to safely navigate the complex and expanding world of psychedelics and altered states of consciousness.



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