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See Below For Blog Entry on this episode as well as a complete topic breakdown.

By definition, occult simply means knowledge of the hidden.

In popular culture, however, the word occult often triggers thoughts of the supernatural and paranormal; thoughts of wizardry, alchemy, or maybe even satanism; maybe images of goat heads and pentagrams or sacred geometry and complex glyphs. You probably don’t think of Carl Jung, gene splicing, and Elon Musk putting his car in space, but according to the guest for this episode, you could.

You might be surprised to discover occult magic is much more accessible than you have been led to believe.

Magico-anthropologist, filmmaker, photographer, publisher and author Carl Abrahamsson is on the show to both expand and deconstruct occult magic and make it accessible to the modern world.

Since the mid-1980s Abrahamsson has been active in the magical community, integrating “occulture” as a way of life and lecturing about his findings and speculations. He is the editor and publisher of the annual anthology of occulture, The Fenris Wolf, and the author of Reasonances, he divides his time between Stockholm, Sweden, and New York City. Abrahamsson’s newest book is called Occulture: the Unseen forces That Drive Culture Forward.

Of course, occult magic is a massive topic with many winding, cryptic avenues and dark alleys to traverse. The topic has much more potential than what can be explored in a seventy-five-minute conversation. So, in relevance to the themes of ATTMind we venture into the world of occult magic with a compass pointing towards a Jungian psychological approach and the potentials of magic for personal transformation and individualization. (That said, we don’t shy away from the romance of all that hocus-pocus stuff, too.)



Episode Breakdown

  • The history (and future) of Occult Magic
  • The magical art of Carl Jung
  • Using magic to alter our sense of self and to process of individualization
  • The importance of direct experience over ideology and social norms
  • How magic in occult rituals can alter the subconscious mind, the sense of self and perception of reality
  • The difference between ritual and ceremony
  • Our capacity for willful and competent direction of energy
  • The role and value of sex and sexual energy in magical ritual and personal transformation.
  • The ancient art and importance of imagination and dreaming
  • Cautions and considerations for using drugs in magical ritual
  • Higher Learning: The value of building social institutions that enable safe and supportive psychedelic experimentation for young people.
  • The kinship between art and magic
  • Mythic impoverishment – the dangers of modern mass media entertainment culture on our imagination and potential for magic – PokemonGO!
  • Practical tips on embracing magic today

Relavent Links

Occulture: The Unseen Forces That Guide Culture Forward

This is Carl Abrahamsson’s newest book! The above link is directly to the publisher, but you can also get it on Amazon, and basically everywhere else that sells books online. Although here, you can get a signed copy!

This is Carl’s main page where you can find all his writing, films, music, and interviews. It’s a wealth of occulty goodness.

Carl and his wife Vanessa’s Patreon page
Follow Carl Abrahamsson on Twitter
Follow Carl Abrahamsson on Facebook

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