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Decomposing The Shadow presents a psychological model for the experience of the magic psilocybin mushroom. It explores what the experience of this psychedelic medicine exposes to us about the nature of mind, emotion, society, psychospiritual maturity, and reality itself. This book is about facing the darkness within each of us, developing the courage of emotional honesty, and investigating how the unacknowledged aspects of self, the shadow, can make the grounds of personal growth fertile again.

The psilocybin mushroom offers us the opportunity to experience life from a point of amplified emotional, psychological, and spiritual significance. It unlocks a perspective of self and other that is naturally occurring within us but culturally suppressed to the point of nearly complete omission. When we begin to navigate the vastly novel experiences this substance can provide us, we further enable its potential for not only exposing but healing the unconscious narratives that hold us back from being our fullest, most courageous, most honest self.

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“A must read for anyone wishing to cultivate a relationship with this incredible healing teacher”
“Decomposes our cultural shadow for our inner truth seeker”
“Exquisite guide of psilocybin the medicine and sacrament.”

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The following chapters are available to read online:

Decomposing The Shadow: Prelude (Excerpt) 
Dagobah as a Proverb for the Psychedelic Journey (Excerpt)
Bad Trip vs. Hard Trip (Excerpt)

Listen to an excerpt from ‘The 4 Archetypes Of Psilocybin’

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  1. As an Independent Scholar/Author/Editor who has been working on finding his writing voice in the plant medicine community, I have done alot of reading/research on the the topic. In reading ‘Decomposing the Shadow,’ I have found in the author a highly intellegent writer, well sourced, and very inspiring voice. From a critical standpoint I greatly admire an author who not only has insightful endnotes, but sourcing as well. In my reading of the book I find Jesso’s word craft and sentence structure incredibly valuable as it is well wrought, clear and highly understable from any perspective.
    Since I began my journey with plant/fungi medicines a number of years ago I have always been self critical and asking myself tough questions on how to be a better functioning human being all around. This book, Jesso’s ‘Decomposing the Shadow,’ not just elaborates quite eloquently on questions I know to ask myself but those I have yet to ponder. It pushes the bounderies of thought, psychology, and reflection, which offers me not just food for thought but a whole banquet.
    I cannot recommend this book more highly, it is in my top 10 of books to go back to time and again.

    • Wow, thank you, Anthony <3
      This is a beautiful review. I admit that the word structure you compliment is not my doing alone, and thanks to my content editor Marty Grant (who sat with me as we broke down and rebuilt every statement made in the book) and my copy editor Jasmine Griffeth who put a lot of work into helping polish it up.

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