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Alex Jones says the government has secrets labs where they are using DMT to communicate with Aliens.

BULLSHIT? Maybe, maybe not. Let’s talk about it.

{8:36 to skip past the Alex Jones specific stuff}

I can understand why some might be confused, even agitated about me bringing up Alex Jones.

He’s extreme, contentious, and in some circumstances, dangerous.

But, even the most hated and divisive people deserve, perhaps even require, us to look into and think critically about. But, this video isn’t about Alex Jones. Not really. It’s about a line of inquiry he offered during his interview on the Joe Rogan Experience #1255: that the government has a secret research team that is using psychedelic drugs, particularly DMT, to communicate with interdimensional aliens.

Interdimensional DMT alien communication? Sounds wild, yeah? It is, but it might also warrant some serious considerations form us as people of psychedelic culture. In fact, I propose that it demands us to give it serious consideration and to take it out of the pocket of Alex Jones and into a critical discourse. And so, here is this video, my effort to forward that discourse in a mature, critical, and open-minded way.

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