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DMT, Aliens, and The Meaning Of Life | Dr. Andrew Gallimore

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What is reality, really?

This is a potent question when asked in earnest, but not a question asked too frequently. Well, not amongst the average person. However, there is a demographic of people where that curiosity is not a commonplace, casual wonder but a deep vein of intrigue orienting their very sense of self and what’s possible. There are the people who have come face to face with the apocalyptic gravitas of dimethyltryptamine.

Death By Astonishment, by SalviaDroid

Dimethyltryptamine, aka DMT, is an extremely potent naturally occurring psychedelic compound. It is one of the two main ingredients in the Amazonian medicine brew ayahuasca. When DMT crystal is smoked as a freebase (or injected) it’s effects are almost instantaneous but very quick to complete — 15 seconds to peak, 20 minutes to baseline.

Some describe the experience of freebasing DMT as “psychedelic bungee jumping.” It fast, it’s intense, and experiencing even once changes you.

This is because the experiences are not just a swirl of complex geometric shapes and colors existing in spaces of impossible size and angular dimensions (although that is a part of it). It seems to take us to another dimension of reality entirety! (A “hyperdimension”) What we see as this reality here and now dissolve (I like to describe it as “atomizes”) and we are thrust into somewhere entirely brand new.

Not only is this new reality different, but it seems as real if not more real than baseline reality (assuming you can remember baseline reality exists). Furthermore, it appears to be filled with sentient intelligence, aliens lifeforms, that are often trying to communicate to you in some inconceivable language. This is truly an awesome experience.

(NOTE: it can also be like opening a gateway to hell. Be cautious).

DMT is dumbfounding and calls those of us who experience to deeply question what reality truly is; what is the “realness” of those entities; and what does it all mean?

For this episode of the podcast, we have a computational neuroscientist who has been wondering about this for a long while and has come up with a not only a theory of reality but a theory of DMT reality, the “Alien Information Theory.”

His name is Dr. Andrew Gallimore. Neurobiologist, chemist, and pharmacologist interested in the relationship between psychedelic drugs, the brain, consciousness, and the structure of reality. Currently based at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology in Japan.

He is also the author of Alien Information Theory: Psychedelic Drug Technologies and the Cosmic Game. He is also one of the authors, alongside Rick Strassman, who authored the protocol for extended state DMT infusions.

You see, DMT only last for a very short time. It’s intense, and then it’s over. With Gaillimore’s protocol, however, they can keep you in peak DMT reality for hours; a protocol he’s hoping will allow people to talk to the DMT aliens. Beyond that, he believes climatizing to DMT reality may very well be the ultimate goal of human consciousness. I know, wild.

He joins us on the show to talk about extended-state DMT, the structure of reality, hyperdimensional alien intelligences, and the implications of dying while tripping DMT.

***Featured image is courtesy of the insanely talented, SALVIADROID
Check out his work here:

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Episode Breakdown

  • The fundamental structure of reality
  • What DMT shows us about reality
  • The brain is our world-builder
  • The difference between dream reality and waking reality in the brain
  • What makes reality, “real”? (psychosis vs baseline vs psychedelics)
  • True vs hallucination
  • What is meaning and where does meaning fit into the structure of reality
  • Psychedelics and the increased perception of “meaning”
  • What exactly are psychedelics doing to your brain?
  • What makes DMT different from other psychedelics
  • Is the DMT space a place somewhere?
  • Some critical pushback against Gallimore’s theory
  • Entities, aliens, and elves: are they extrinsic phenomena?
  • How to tell between DMT” hallucinations” and experiencing “real” phenomena of the DMT space
  • If DMT space is a “real place”, what does that mean for our baseline reality?
  • “Where” is the DMT reality?
  • DMT’s redemption and entry into citizenship in hyperspace
  • The meaning of life and the role of DMT
  • If life is a game (Gallimore’s claim) where we win when we get to DMT, what about our responsibility towards climate change, war, poverty. etc?
  • The extended-state DMT protocol: what is it, how they will do it, and why?
  • If extend state DMT works, how might be used it to communicate with entities?
  • Could extended-state DMT present a risk of brain damage?
  • Is it possible that if we go to the DMT space into a long time, could we return permanently psychotic?
  • What if they die under the DMT?
  • Reality is strange, far stranger than we may realize.

Relevant links

Alien Information Theory: Psychedelic Drug Technologies and the Cosmic Game [Book]

“In Alien Information Theory, neurobiologist, chemist, and pharmacologist, Dr. Andrew R. Gallimore, explains how DMT provides the secret to the very structure of our reality, and how our Universe can be likened to a cosmic game that we now find ourselves playing.”

This is Gallimore’s main page, where you can find links to his papers, lectures, and other interviews.

**Follow Dr. Andrew Gallimore on TWITTER or on INSTAGRAM

Talking with Aliens: DMT and the Search for Extradimensional Intelligence [lecture] Peter Sjöstedt Hughes’ Book Review of Alien Information Theory on PsyPressUK



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Featured image is courtesy of the insanely talented, SALVIADROID
Check out his work here:

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