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I’m doing my best as far as my best can be understood at this point
and should have faith in that.

I don’t have to know –  intellectually –  and map my path before I walk it
I can just recognize I’ve done the best I could
along my way to wherever I may stand

Engaging my new world empowered with knowing
That I didn’t fool myself too much
Sure that I’ve got many wise steps behind me that have brought me to where I am
And there will come many more I have yet to even realize

I know my progress will progress
as the process of new steps
does steady with earnest
my falling feet


  1. Stevey Zalas Reply

    Nicely done, I definitely know the feeling you put forward here. Every step is an adventure and every whim sheds a little light on your next step.
    Step lightly and with a smile on your face and in your soul and the light you bring to your path with attract others as well.
    Bring the surety of love to those who step with you and soon they will step lightly into the darkness and bring a little light with them. Cheers to you along your path.

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