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***See below for a complete topic breakdown.***

Everyone is a shaman.

That is a bold statement and is not without nuanced caveat and discretion. However, is is the claim of our guest for this episode of Adventures Through The Mind.

Matthew J. Pallamary is a filmmaker and a highly accomplished, multi-award-winning author of 13 books, ranging from historical novels, personal memoirs, and even a non-fiction book on the art and practice of writing itself. His work is highly psychedelic and emergence for his multi-decade experience in Shamanism practices and the psychedelic subculture, on which he extensively lectures.

He joins us to talk about what he has learned over the decades about what it means to be a shaman as well as the complexities of shamanism in the troubling time of charlatan, appropriation, and abuse of power.

This Episode Was Sponsored By The Spirit Plant Medicine Conference,  Nov. 2-4th Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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*** If you have noticed this write up is much shorter than normal, it is because I have prepared all the shows to release prior to my speaking tour in Europe this summer. Reducing the write-up was an essential means of achieving this goal. They will pick up again in the autumn. Check me out on tour!



Episode Breakdown

  • Everybody’s a shaman
  • Shamanic history and oral storytelling
  • Charlatan shamans and earning your keep
  • Pallamary’s journey from huffing glue to leading ayahuasca ceremonies
  • Who determines nationhood? Earning your keep as a medicine person.
  • The psychedelic is NOT easy – how deep shadow-work goes
  • “I’m a cast of 1000s” – integrating sub-personalities with ayahuasca
  • Shamanism is the mastery of energy
  • The energetic role of the shaman in an ayahuasca ceremony
  • Truth and Integrity – finding for genuine shaman practitioners
  • Reaching for the absolute – becoming whole

Relevant Links

Here you will find the full gamut of Matthew’s work, from his writing to his extensive media archives. For coaching and other queries.

The Center Of The Universe Is Right Between Your Eyes But Home Is Where The Heart Is

This is Matthew’s latest, award-winning book.

In truth each of us are our own unique mercurial mixture of identities that we created from the center of our personal universe where we exist in the center of a choice between conscious responsible action that influences our thoughts, beliefs, and actions both inside and outside of us, or we can surrender and be victims to fear based programmed re-actions.

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  1. Hi James,

    Could you remind me the term that Matthew is using to name the entity representing the bad side of everything ? (not sure I’m describing it well)

    Thanks for your forthcoming answer and your excellent podcast,


      • Thanks for your answer.

        I found it – funny how it just ‘appeared’after having hard time to find it – it was ‘wetiko’, which seems to translate to ‘shadow’ in Jung’s language.

        Have a nice day,


        • Ah, yes, wetiko. In all honesty, I was travelling and did not have time to relisten to the episode to figure it out for you so I just guessed. Glad you figured it out. Paul Levy has some very cool stuff on wetiko, but chances are you already found him. All the best.

  2. I am about to listen to this podcast. I’m currently listening to Spirit Matters and have reached the closest and best explanation I have ever read of dark night of the soul and shadow work. If I had known all of this earlier, put so beautifully, cleanly, with clarity, I would have started accepting myself for what I am going through sooner.

    Because I am empathic and pick up so much I find myself 50% of the time living in conscious responsible action and 50% of the time hating myself… Voices beating myself up. I know its me and not always others.. But also how do we integrate fully when other peoples energy comes into us? Does it? I don’t feel like I should protect myself, I tried that and became too separate. I’m having more questions than answers at the moment. Maybe listening to the podcast will answer them!

    Thank you Matt Pallamary for being a balancer of the light and dark. I have not read anything more relevant to my experience than Spirit Matters. Thank you thank you thank you.

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