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The days passing have been not unlike the wind in the leaves.
Appearing before me as a shimmering flux of beauty and light,
Holding with it a wonderful truth in the energetic expression of life.

soft with the smell of autumn,
yellow with the season of change
flowing diligently towards new.

It’s patterned structure has read my soul and revealed to me fate’s open hand.
Resting there was growth I was told I could have
if I could only learn to love myself and let go.

A lesson that gifts my ears as the early morning sunshine warms my socked feet
and softly tugs at my drowsiness with encouragement to waken.
To step foot forward out of dream and into wide-eyed wonder.

When upright and aware of what is, I ponder my daily gratitude,
considering what’s now and what was and in that moment’s breath,
let go a sigh of painful solace.

Warm and at home in the heart of my honest expression.

Pleased to know myself alive with true feeling,
a history which holds reason for nostalgia
and an appreciation for what may be.

Warm and at home in the heart of my honest expression.

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