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ATTMind Podcast – Guest Package

I am delighted to have you on the podcast, thank you!

For everything to go smoothly, here are the items you need to know in preparation for being on the show:

In General

  • Interviews are recorded, edited, mastered and posted on iTunes/YouTube/this website at least 2 weeks after recording. You will be notified in advance via email as to when the interview will be released.
  • I conduct interviews on skype (although a direct phone call is possible).
  • My Skype Username is “james.w.j” (Please add this username to your contact list on skype after booking)
  • If it’s been a while since you have used skype, please ensure you verify that you know your username/login details in advance to the interview.
  • Please ensure you are on a strong and dedicated internet connection.
  • Interviews typically last about 90 minutes but can go over by a few minutes if the conversation is really juicy.
  • We schedule for 2 hours to ensure buffer time for an extended talk or tech issues.
  • Interviews are in AUDIO & VIDEO but can be audio-only if needed or requested.
  • Please let me know if you need to cancel as soon as possible.
  • Promotion of the show is unequivocally crucial to the growth of ATTMind. So please do your best to promote the show by sharing the episode link with their respective audiences on various social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, email list, etc) when the link has been officially posted. You will get an email with all the links on the day of release.
  • If you have not already, please ensure that you send me a copy of your bio and a promo photo as soon as possible.

Audio/Video Quality

So you’ll sound the best and my audience can hear your message, please follow these recommendations:

  1. Please verify and test that your technology and internet connection are functioning prior to the call.
  2. Stay 4–6 inches (10–15 cm) from your microphone. — (If it is just your laptop, that is fine)
  3. **Wear headphones** (this is actually a very important contributor to audio quality)
  4. Go somewhere quiet. If you hear something, the microphone probably can, too.
                • (traffic, furnaces, creaky chairs, tapping the table, slurpy drinks, etc)
  5. Turn off all other apps/programs on your computer to reduce the likelihood of its fan turning on.
  6. Turn off notification sounds or set to DND.
  7. You will be on video, so consider your background (aesthetically, sure, but mostly ensure there isn’t anything in the background you don’t want seen by a public audience)
  8. If you would like to go the extra distance to consider your video lighting, here is a video with some $0 helpful tips
  9. Try to stay still.
  10. Don’t worry if something goes wrong. I will jump in if it’s serious enough to warrant intervention.


Thanks for reading all that info!

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