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We are not born into this world as a fresh slate into a new life.

We are born into a psychological and emotional reality forged long before birth, gestation, and even conception. We are born the vertex of both our mother’s and our father’s lineage. We carry forth into our lives the legacy of our family, and like it or not; we are responsible for that.

Facing the (family) shadow.

By learning to attend skillfully to this responsibility, we free ourselves from past scripts and make space inside of ourselves to better define the legacy we will pass on from here. But what does this responsibility mean? What is this bequeathed legacy and what do we do with the trauma it may contain? How do we free ourselves from its confines while staying true to its lessons? And what can that freedom grant us?

In this lecture, I discuss intergenerational trauma, developmental conditioning, epigenetics, and the importance of healing our connection to our family, especially our parents. I will also offer some key practices for self-guided healing and resolution work.

~{ Although I gave this lecture at other festivals in 2017, this particular recording is from Shambhala Music Festival 2017 and comes with an interesting story (told in the introduction). I hope that it offers you what it is you might be looking for in seeking out this type of content. }~

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