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heightened sexual experiences are like psychedelic experiences

They awaken a profound connection to a field of energy, sensuality, complexity, and connection that our baseline awareness is likely to omit. They both ask us to surrender to something larger than ourselves. They both ask us to confront our shadows to access deeper layers of the experiences. And each can be misused, misappropriated, and destructive.

But what is a heightened sexual experience? How do we access it? How does it relate to our ability to access pleasure, multiple orgasms, and a profound sense of intimacy with ourselves and with others? What do we need to watch out for on our journey of awakening to these heightened-sexual experiences in order to stay safe in ourselves and avoid accidentally hurting others? And, what roles do our psychedelic experiences serve in this sexual awakening?

Heightened Sexual Experiences with Miriam ElyseWe welcome Miriam Elyse to Adventures Through The Mind to explore these questions and more.

Miriam Elyse is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified Tantra and Intimacy coach, and the founder of Pleasure as Medicine. She is initiated in Sri Vidya lineage Tantra and has been a certified practitioner of the healing arts since 2002. In her practice, she focuses on body-mind healing, sacred sexuality, radical honesty, and soul-level intimacy. [Miriam’s website]

She began studying Tantra Yoga in 2010 because she wanted to heal her relationship to her body and sexual energy, having had low body confidence and shame around her sexuality in the past. She experienced a profound transformation with the practices of Tantra Yoga. She was able to move through unhealthy patterns that were keeping her stuck for years, she overcame anxiety that was keeping her from expressing her true self in relationships, and felt healthier than ever in her embodiment and sexuality.

It lit a fire inside her and helped her to reintegrate the parts of herself that had become disassociated because of trauma. In 2014 she began teaching workshops to help others have more embodied confidence and to feel empowered in their sexual energy.

Today Miriam leads retreats and training around the world and coaches women, couples, and people of all genders at her private practice in California, and via online sessions.

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Episode Breakdown

  • The similarities between the psychedelic experience and the sexual experience
  • Working with energy, with psychedelics and with sexuality
  • Logic and the isness of existence
  • Discerning spiritual awakening from manic episodes
  • The profound real-ness of your inner experience
  • Getting out of the adult mind with heightened sexual experiences
  • Learning to let go of control, in psychedelics and with sexuality
  • Balancing between control and surrender in accessing multiple orgasms
  • Similarities and differences between male and female sexual experiences
  • The dynamic field of orgasm and how psychedelic can help us access it
  • Feminine and masculine are not only male or female
  • Differing pleasures in different bodies through different means
  • “My pleasure” but what about other people?
  • Spiritual bypassing the self-serving ego trap of spiritual sexual practices
  • Other than spirituality, what value do these practices offer our relationships?
  • New Relationship Energy (NRE) vs Old Relationship Energy (ORE) for heightened sexual practices
  • The importance of a secure relationship container to explore profound sexual states and the misuse of power dynamics
  • Peter Pan, spiritual fuckboys
  • Cleansing the lens of perception through heightened sexual experiences
  • Tantra and healing through sexuality
  • Further breaking down spiritual fuckboy vs responsible polyamory
  • Opening up into our parental wounds through sexual ecstasy
  • The connection is more important than the sex
  • Personal experiences with polyamory and why we both have chosen monogamy
  • How polyamory revealed our shadows around our vulnerability
  • How heightened sexual experiences are medicine for the modern world

Relevant Links

Miriam Elyse’s Website

Check out Miriam’s website to get explore more of her blog as well as get more info on booking a coaching session with her.

Follow Miriam on Instagram @pleasureasmedicine
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