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*** I don’t normally vent on current news here on Adventures, but got inspired on Facebook this morning and wanted to share this.

Our newest distraction: The Miami Zombie. Anyone else here of this madness? Anyone know anyone who got wrapped up in this madness?

please get up to speed:

Police: Miami cannibal was overdosing on new, super-potent LSD

National Post: Miami cannibal zombie-like attack linked to powerful ‘bath salts’ drug

These are just a couple of MANY articles and videos you will find on this quickly growing meme if you search “Miami zombie” on Google.

Now besides the fact that these, among many other news sites, are providing conclusions and descriptions of what is happening based on very incomplete information, this type of “news” is being facilitated in a manner that creates convoluted, ignorant emotionality, distraction and hysteria… it’s Propaganda. The articles are full of Logical Fallacies which include: Red Herring, Appeal to Emotion, Appeal to Fear and Appeal to association… and likely more.

Let’s look quickly at the LSD comparison. This was probably a brief passing comment by an officer who wasn’t thinking when speaking. They mentioned LSD in a comparative statement, with little evidence to support that comparison and since then it has been churned over and over again through different news sources. In my opinion, the repeated reference to LSD is an association fallacy as well as another way to incite hysteria. The current upswing in public opinion of psychedelics at this time makes LSD an open target and along with it’s history of stigmatization in the united states it becomes the perfect target.

News wants to sensationalize,and if you thought “holy shit the zombies are here” you fell for their manipulation. Yet at the same time if you thought “WTF there’s now way it was LSD *insert emotional reactivity here*” you equally fell for it.

Most of the content in these articles and in my opinion, the news stories themselves are Red Herrings; distractions from the truth. Why a release a red herring when such a dangerous drug is on the loose?

We see this so often in the media when it comes to drugs, most recently in my city (Calagry, Alberta) through the complete ignorance and mis-information being spread around in regards to “Ecstasy” during a brief PMMA scare. Yet, why would they do this? Besides maintaining control of public opinion on Drugs, if you don’t know what the “horror drug” in question is, you cannot avoid it. This creates a sense of fear without a specific understanding of where that fear needs to be directed in order maintain survival… I don’t think I need to explain why that benefits the media elite.

Further evidence of a Red Herring is that at no point in most of these articles is there any REAL information revealed about the drug in question except for it’s street term, “bath salts” — which I feel, considering the other roundabout lies and unreliable information in these articles, may be a fallacy as well. A lot of information is given, none of which actually empowers you with an understanding of whats going on. This effectively dis-empowers you from being an intelligent member of society as it clutters your brain with useless facts.

Along with the manipulated emotional reactivity stimulated between the blatant slander of LSD, the cultural zombie meme and the grotesque nature of the crime, we’ve got all the ingredients for hysteria. And what happens when people are wrapped up in culturally manipulated hysteria? More media, consumerism and poor choices…..

At the very least, once again, sensationalized news has distracted us from what I feel is what’s really important in this world, at this time: healing ourselves and our relationship to each other and the planet.

Propaganda comes in many faces my friends.

So for those of you who want to be informed:
If “bath salts” is actually the drug in question, according to my research the substance they are likely talking about is MDPV. Apparently after an extended use (but relatively short compared to other amphetamines) it may cause pretty nasty amphetamine psychosis. Though, as far as the shared experiences described, it normally DOES NOT cause people to turn into blood hungry savages.

Erowid MDPV (3,4-Methylenedioxypyrovalerone, Bath Salts) Vault




  1. Jessica Jesso Reply

    Nicely said James. Your point makes much more senses then all these crazy articles that are getting people riled up over this so called “zombie attack”. Thanks a bunch. Will defiantly share this!

  2. The media is defiantly seeking to demonize drugs on this one. My guess is he was already set to crack, watched one too many zombie movies and something set him off. The only person who knows is dead. The media speculation is just wild, I’ve heard so many different drugs mentioned and they are all pure guesses. Why not wait for toxicology before naming substances? Get ready for the witch hunt on RC’s to step up. Sure Zombie movies are safe, Hollywood has a big enough lobby. Whole thing is sad & disgusting. I feel so bad for the victim, which makes it even more disgusting on how much attention is being paid to what drugs the perpetrator may have took, his divorce, high school football history, job in customer service, how much money he had at the time of his divorce, no one seems to give a rats ass about the victim. I can’t believe that whole horrific incident went on for 20 minutes and nobody did anything to help. We are doomed.

    • Nobody stopped him because they didn’t want to get bitten and turn into a Zombie themselves. Geez TV never lies, right?

      This whole Zombie Apocalypse theme has been floating around for a while, almost half mocking the predictions of the end while at the same time capitalizing on fear. Hell you can buy ‘Zombie Shot’ Shotgun ammo and rifle bullets made for maximum killing, people creating home made simple weapons in case total anarchy is thrashed upon us as society crumbles at the hands of blood lusting demons.

      Either way don’t stop making Zombie movies, I like them. Hahaha.

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