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disrupted audio flow processed
deep melody in my subtlety surfaced mind
the ceiling fan multiplied like mitosis

Through soft Blinks and deep breaths
I switched within/without

my mind began integration
my lids laid shut my eyes
the infinite regress.

beyond the grasp of convention
I metabolize high ampere energy

the present moment dying off eternally
unlimited potential collapse into unitary reality
They all become one or the other

I had front row seats to the end of time
but was completely detached from its outcome.

my consciousness in alteration
my physical vessel so numb its not there
time moving oddly

firmly in contemplation, lost in confusion
a piece became clear

that I was the observation that brought forth,
that i was the beginning to this end,
that there was no way I could still be alive.

So I got up off the floor,
and went to bed.

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