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Printed Editions

Thank you!

If you have found yourself interested or inspired by the work freely available on Adventures Through The Mind and would like to support the costs associated to running this site, I welcome you to check out the Printed Editions we have available. They come printed into “Zines” which are self-published magazines, similar to mini-books.

Here is an example:

Though many tiresome hours have gone into drafting, formatting and printing these essays, these editions are priced in the drop down menu.

  • These Zines are special edition and not available anywhere else
  • Delivery will by standard mail unless otherwise discussed.
  • Each package comes with an extra surprise gift!

Editions Available:

Transcending Envy (July 2012)

Technological Organism (March 2012)

Lessons Out of The Darkness (revised) (February 2012)

Psycheology, Psychedelics and Personal Development (January 2012)

DMT and the Infinitude of Ones Unfolding Inner Singularity (August 2011)

Ayahuasca and I: Not your Typical Trip Report (December 2013)

Canadian Orders ($1 shipping)

Outside of Canada Orders ($3 shipping)


Huge Thank you!


  1. Karl Peters Reply

    I’m interested in purchasing your forthcoming book in paperback, “Decomposingthe Shadow”. Thanks much Karl

    • jameswjesso Reply

      Hey Karl,

      Decomposing The Shadow will be released in mid June. I highly encourage you to head over to the indiegogo campaign that will help facilitate that publishing and a book tour through the westcoast of Canada this summer. Link Here

      By donating, you will get a copy of the book to be shipped to you upon it’s release. Thanks for your support 🙂

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