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Psychedelic Art

True Light Of Darkness Art Print:

These prints are the remaining pieces from The True Light Of Darkness indiegogo campaign from the spring of 2015. Five different visionary artists read the book and created visual iterations of an aspect that spoke to them.

Each piece of art is a limited edition of 10, signed and number by the artist. They are 11×17 inches, museum quality archival ‘giclee’ prints on watercolour paper, individually wrapped in archival clear Mylar. There are only 2 of each print left.

Prints are $100 CAD each (Shipping CAD & USA Included). Click the ‘Buy’ Link below the image of the piece you want, and you will be redirected to PayPal.


All available prints. Tennis ball is to give perspective to their size.

The Prints


Joshua Walker - Weather The Storm Sample

Buy ‘Weather The Storm’ by Joshua Walker


Simon Haiduk - Death is a rainbow Sample

Buy ‘Death Is A Rainbow’ by Simon Haiduk

James Williston - Expansion sample

Buy ‘Expansion’ by James Williston

(this print is only 9x14in to preserve quality of original image)

Eduardo Khen Mycelium Progenitor sample

Buy ‘Mycelium Progenitor’ by Eduardo Khen

Andrew Pawly - cusco sample

Buy ‘ Cusco’ by Andrew Pawly