I woke from my dream this morning on account of the soft light coming in through my basement window. The gold of the rising sun cast its warmth across my wrapped legs, slowing pulling me back to the world where my physical self interacts with the physical selves of others. It’s gentle tug left my awakened mind dusted with the memories of my twilight adventures and in the just-up grog, I found my self back for only a moment:

I was in the Cafe, it was busy with the bustle of young intellectuals as I pondered across acres of caffeinated conversations. Wandering through, I recognized friends and familiarized unknowns without a word. Listening to the web of chatter as it built a net that could save a crumbling society.

I felt home in the heart of an honest frustration being shared through focused compassion and knew then, that minds working together build communities of new thought.

I understood as i peered around, that this community is ultimately one, whole and undivided. Each member both individual and simultaneously indivisible from the culminated whole. That these were not separate people working in separate directions, meeting only momentarily. But actually an expression of energy moving and changing as it evolves in complexity and effectiveness.

Slowly my legs got warm enough to realize they were lying down, while the cafe lightened with soft red and I began looking at the inside of my eye lids. Knowing it then as only a dream. Where each character and conversation had simply been the personification of my mind’s many ideas.

Letting the cafe fully fade away, I was back in my physical self. With a stretch and a yawn, I got up for my day, leaving my bed behind. Left wondering if my whole existence could merely be the independent thought of a grander mind, off dreaming somewhere else.


  1. Really loved the idea at the end.

    “My whole existence could merely be the independent thought of a grander mind, off dreaming somewhere else.”

  2. Really loved this James! Really well written <3 Even though it ended up being the personification of your many ideas, I truly believe we in our visible separate physical bodies are not at all separate 😉 thanks for this reminder!!

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