As we walked off the porch and in through the Front door, he turned to me speaking in words, as I understood with inner vision:

“When a soul begins their life here on Earth, they are given a lantern. One that shines with the light of wisdom and understanding. One that helps them navigate through the darkness of this world. This soul, as it learns and grows from its unique experience of organic life, adds to this light and shares it through honest connections.

When death comes to complete the soul’s time here, the lantern is passed back to the source and it’s light redistributed back out into the world. So it can help others to grow, learn and shine out further.

Together, as an evolution of dynamic self-awareness and creative compassion, we are building a light to absorb the darkness completely. A light to lift the veil of separateness that has prevented us from realizing the true capacity of the human spirit.

Soon our lights will finally reach each other, to radiate together as one, and we will no longer mistake each other for enemy. Where there was once the ignorance of confusion, the will only be the illuminated vision of compassionate understanding, love and community”

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