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My third round on The Enthogenic Evolution Podcast with Martin Ball.

It might have made sense for us to talk about psychedelics, but we actually ended up talking more about being podcasters and psychedelic podcasting! So for anyone interested in the backend of our podcasts, this the episode for you!

From Martin’s description of the show:

It’s shop-talk time as James and I discuss our experiences of being podcasters, self-published authors, and psychedelic educators – plus, he’s 32 years old today!

Oh yeah, and it was released on my 32nd birthday! It is nice to hear birthday wishes on the public domain, what was really nice (and I mean I was grinning ear-to-ear with joyful giggles) was that Martin Ball actually sang me happy birthday in the intro!
? ? ? ?
lol. That was a first.

Anyways, enjoy this one all about psychedelic podcasting!

Also, here are interviews with Martin Ball on Adventures Through The Mind:

Thanks for helping support my work as a psychedelic researcher, podcaster, and writer!
(aka shares, word of mouth, or even patronage ?)


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