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***See below for a complete topic breakdown.***

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What does the psychedelic experience offer us in so far as the meaning of being in relationship?

That is the question we are exploring for this episode of The Psychedelic Café.
Our Guests are:

Mel Cassidy

Mel Cassidy on Psychedelic realtionships

Mel is a relationship coach and sex-positive nerd who guides social misfits and cultural rebels to experiences of joyful, embodied, authentic open relationships. Mel is certified in Counselling for Intimacy and Relationships, Holistic Peer Counselling, and is a ZEGG Forum facilitator.

She is a student of the Institute for the Study of Somatic Sexology and pursues studies focused on trauma-informed approaches to the mind-body relationship. Creator of The Monogamy Detox online program, she is dedicated to creating trauma-sensitive spaces where all beings can flourish.

Watch Mel’s interviews on Adventures Through The Mind here and also here

Mel’s Social Links: facebook | instagram | website

Bruce Sanguin

Bruce Sanguin on Psychedelic realtionships

Bruce is a psychotherapist living on Denman Island, B.C. where he practices. Before taking early retirement he was a minister in a progressive church for 28 years and now works as a guide with individuals who make pilgrimages to the island (or via Skype) for intensive sessions and integration therapy with plant medicines.

He is also an internationally renowned speaker in the field of evolutionary spirituality and the author of 7 acclaimed books related to evolving spirituality.

His latest is Dismantled: How Love and Psychedelics Broke A Clergyman Apart and Put Him Back Together, which explores the role of psychedelic healing in relationship.

Watch Bruce’s Interview on Adventures Through The Mind here.

Bruce’s Social Links: facebook | blog

Miriam Elyse

Miriam Elise on Psychedelic sexuality

Miriam is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified Tantra and Intimacy coach, and the founder of Pleasure as Medicine. She is initiated in Sri Vidya lineage Tantra and has been a certified practitioner of the healing arts since 2002.

In her practice, she focuses on body-mind healing, sacred sexuality, radical honesty, and soul-level intimacy. Miriam leads retreats and trainings around the world and coaches women, couples, and people of all genders at her private practice in California, and via online sessions.

Miriam’s Social Links: facebook | instagram

Learn More About Miriam’s Intimacy Work

Adam Wilder

Adam Wilder

Adam is a trained counselor and passionate advocate for meaningful human connection. He is founder of the Togetherness movement which helps people to wake up their natural ability to form healthy relationships with themselves and each other. In 2019 he created the House of Togetherness pop up in central London which galvanized 5,000 adults to learn new skills in listening, speaking, relating, and exploring connection through experiential sessions.

Adam also works with businesses, organizations, and local government to create cultures of Togetherness in the workplace.

Last year he hosted the largest ever mass spoon with 1447 people spooning to promote platonic touch for wellness at Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire.

Adam’s Social Links: facebook | instagram

Learn More About Adam’s Intimacy work here

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Episode Breakdown

  • Introducing the question: What does the psychedelic experience offer us in so far as the meaning of being in relationship?
  • ‘The importance of relationships on the path of personal betterment through psychedelics
  • The role of psychedelics in dissolving dysfunctional social paradigms of codependency
  • Wounded in relationship, healed in relationship (and where psychedelics fit into the process)
  • Learning to love oneself through peyote
  • The similarities between kundalini sexual awakenings and psychedelic awakenings
  • The power of accessing authenticity
  • Psychedelic work is not about “me” and simply learning about oneself with psychedelics doesn’t equate to being healed
  • Integration happens in relationship
  • Love as the bridge to the other
  • An invitation to return to an a priori relational reality
  • Learning how to love better and let love in better
  • Being inauthentic people for unconscious efforts to get old attachment needs met
  • Healing ourselves to go beyond the wounded pattern of trying to fulfill needs and step into celebrating being together
  • Learning to be ok with putting up boundaries even if people won’t like you for it
  • Psychedelics helping us being ok with feeling shame and feel loved simultaneously
  • The fallacy of self-sovereignty and connection being polar opposites
  • The relationship between oneness and personal boundaries
  • Ayahuasca and accessing profound eroticism within oneself
  • psychedelic relationship (only here to help with seo)
  • Psychedelics helping us let go the shame of embodying our sexuality
  • Do psychedelics make us polyamorous?
  • Deconstructing the shame we hold for our natural sexual tendencies
  • “Psychedelic erotic confusion”
  • Is it an addiction to falling in love that feeds polyamory?
  • Polyfuckary vs polyamory
  • The power of psychedelics to bring us into our individual embodied sovereignty
  • The will to grieve as a skill that helps us sustain healthy relationships
  • Learning to be intimate with the unknown

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What Is The Psychedelic Café?

The Psychedelic Café is a structured conversational space exploring various, deep questions about the nature of mind, life, and reality.
Each cafe features a curated selection of 4-5 people to explore a question according to a specific structure (outlined below), based on the method of Dharma Talking, a conversational technology from Jean Robertson, forged in The Liminal Space Agency Meta-Monstatary, and based on “The World Cafe”.
Why this style?

The cafe structure creates a quality and dynamic of conversation, idea sharing, and mutual learning that is incredibly ripe and valuable for not only the people involved but the listening audience who will be able to listen to it afterward. In the current times of uncertainty, complexity, and change, I believe the psychedelic cafe will offer content not otherwise available in a time where it is deeply needed.



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