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As many of you heard in my intro to episode 102 with Are Thoresen, kambo facilitator and former guest on the show, Tobias [last name removed on request of the family] died on July 11, 2019.

I mentioned in that intro that the context around his death was bizarre and that I would make a statement about it. This video is that statement.

(YouTube link for the video in case the above embedded video doesn’t work properly)

TL/DR:  Tobias killed himself during a psychotic episode that was most likely brought on by, primarily, the excessive (daily) use of Bufo/5-MeO-DMT. This video discusses the context that led to and surrounds his suicide and why it’s relevant to us as a psychedelic culture.

One point that I didn’t mention in the video that is very important: the likelihood of psychosis is very much informed by genetics. Of course, a larger discussion about epigenetics is required to parse that any further, but I wanted to drop that in as an important addition. 

[UPDATE August 6, 2019: I just got this message from someone close to Tobias…

“i don’t know if you know tobias was doing toad in high doses 7 – 8 times a day.” “there was a group around tobias treating him and feeding his manic behavior and supplying him with more toad and 0 integration”

I have no intention to update this post any further than here, all further updates and discussion will be on the subreddit post linked below.]

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Beyond the video statement

Over the last year, Tobias and I hade been preparing an interview to as a follow up to his original interview, episode 51 Kambo: Cleansing The Spiritual Root Of Disease. Because of this preparation, much of the context of my interactions with Tobias over the last year had to do with demonic entity possession, its role in disease, and where psychedelics fit into this healing paradigm. Although that is the case, this video deals very little with that content and speaks mostly to the context that led to his suicide and why it’s relevant to us as a psychedelic culture. Yes, ok, perhaps demons were involved. I don’t know. But I don’t think putting energy into that line of questioning in the video provides anything more than greater confusion and paranoia.

However, If you would like to know more about what Tobias and I were working on, you will find some of our WhatsApp voice memos and my preparation notes below. In hindsight, there are some pretty spooky things contained in it.  You can draw your own conclusions from there.

WhatsApp Voice Messages | Alt Link
(This is the relevant voice messages from our discussion, much of my responses were in text and did not add anything to the content here and thus the text dialogue and all unrelated voice messages between him and I have been excluded)

NOTES for second podcast interview with Tobias
  • Healing trauma, depression, and psychosis through therapeutic Kambo work
  • Has significant experience with psychedelics therapy, came away disillusioned, only generates awareness but not properly released/healed
  • Differentiating trauma and the consequences of the trauma

  • Explore entities first
  • What about iboga?
  • The toad and kambo?
  • Doesn’t want to mention toad yet, legal issues

Kambo spirit:
  • can release the trauma energy
  • High vibrational energy/pure – compared to psilocybin, which accesses lower planes, and ayahuasca – mess of dimensions
    • – Insectoids
    • – The risks of healing with ayahuasca
    • – Why psychedelic therapy is actually retraumatization
    • — suppresses trauma so as to not relieve it, psychedelic force consciousness into an awareness abasing our own interest, could help but is often retraumatization
  • Kambo Cleanses the liver
  • Psychedelics As A Gateway to psychological disorder


  • Psychedelic as positive agents, but what about the other side?
  • Psychedelic substance use opening up to entity attachment
  • How psychedelic substances specifically DMT LSD and psilocybin ketamine also DMX and PCP, salvia and cannabis open up for negative entity attachments then later results as psycholgical disorder


  • What are these entities, how they act, the trouble they cause and how kambo releases them?
  • What about 5 or iboga?
  • how to protect themselves.
  • Doesnt really want to talk about insectoids
  • Psychedelic Therapy, not necessarily retraumatization — but that reliving trauma can be retraumatization (perhaps after holotropic breathwork as well)
    • Can be helpful, but also in the opposite ways. — talk about it in a nuanced way.
  • Cannot speak much about iboga, limited, much bearing on trauma — make a sidenote is good. — working on the mental plane/negative thoughts
  • Regarding bufo, on a side note but not as an expert/the scene — makes entities visible but does not release them, kambo releases without making them visible

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  1. Roland Pinners Reply


    Ruling the country is like cooking a small fish.
    Approach the universe with Tao,
    And evil will have no power.
    Not that evil is not powerful,
    But its power will not be used to harm others.
    Not only will it do no harm to others,
    But the wise will also be protected.
    We will not hurt one another,
    And the Virtue in each of us refreshes everyone.

    Tackling 4th density beings in a 3rd density body is no mean feat.

    Godspeed Tobias.

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