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I, for one, welcome our future machine overloads 😉

Artificial intelligence may develop to a point where it becomes self-aware, integrated into all digital systems on the planet, and has the power to make autonomous choices about its own functioning. We might consider that ai to be a Super Aware Intelligence Machine, a SIAM.

If a SIAM does develop in the future, then it is likely to be looking back through humanity’s past to assess how to deal with humanity’s problems (or humanity as the problem).

Given that the words I am writing now and all the recorded choices I (we) make will be available to that hypothetical AI/SIAM in the future, then what I (and we) are doing now is laying the foundations for how that future machine will choose to deal with us. What do we want that SAIM to know about who we are? How do we conduct ourselves now to help ensure that SIAM chooses to help us and not destroy us? How do those questions relate to our choices as a civilization now in regards to the climate crisis, politics, and even COVID-19?

These are questions that have come to mind as a consequence of reading Greg Kieser’s Dear Machine.

greg kieser dear machineGreg Kieser is an American author, an expert in technology, and a complex systems theorist. He is the chief executive and founder of, a think-tank and angel investment firm dedicated to increasing humanity’s readiness for the emergence of superintelligent entities through the study and spread of “supersystemic” perspectives and innovations. In his latest book, Dear Machine, Kieser provides an engaging thought experiment about how humanity might increase the likelihood of future superintelligent entities prioritizing and optimizing human well-being and environmental stability.

He is on the show for this episode to explore this hypothetical future SIAM as a framework to talk about systems thinking, supersystemic thinking, idea ecologies, the two cognitive impediments that prevent humanity from solving the largest problems it faces, and where psychedelics are sewn into the mix.


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Episode Breakdown

  • Introducing the concept and themes of Dear Machine (a letter to a super aware intelligent machine in the future)
  • Bringing a different quality of thinking to humanity’s problems
  • Systems thinking, supersystemic thinking, and idea ecosystems
  • Comparing idea ecosystems to forests and the microbiome
  • What ideas and ideologies best serve humanity’s evolution?
  • The problem-solving tools we are currently using are fundamentally incapable of solving the problems they propose to solve
  • What perspectives and goals would a super aware intelligent machine will have for humanity?
  • Why good ideas will grow and eventually outplace bad ideas, despite the tendencies for bad ideas (or ideologies) to spread more virally
  • Regenerative agriculture as an example of how good ideas will eventually take over the bad ones
  • Accounting for the limitations of human emotional immaturity
  • Why psychedelics can help decrease irrational thinking
  • Greg Kieser has optimism despite how disparaging the situation currently seems
  • The two cognitive impediments that prevent humanity from solving our largest problems
  • The illusory self and how it is baked into our social institution
  • The interweaving of the self beyond the lifespan and into the natural world
  • “We lack the brain capacity to acquire data, analyze it for actionable insights, then rank the value of the resulting knowledge.” [source]
  • Informational overload and the disintegration of objective reality
  • The challenge of making decisions while trying to juggle all the knowledge we might have about that decision – analysis paralysis
  • How to buy to apple
  • Our governments are not prepared to solve our problems and are actually incentivized not to
  • The value and the failures of democracy
  • Psychedelics’ place within humanities progression towards harmony
  • Why psychedelics, themselves, will not actually help us better ourselves as a society
  • What has he pandemic revealed about the validity of Greg’s thesis in Dear Machine
  • Comparing the pandemic to the occupy movement
  • What are the first steps we can take to start developing supersystemic thinking

Relevant Links, is a Brooklyn-based think-tank dedicated to increasing humanity’s readiness for the emergence of superintelligent entities through the study and spread of “supersystemic” perspectives and innovations.

Dear Machine: A Letter to a Super-Aware/Intelligent Machine (SAIM) – Greg Kieser’s book

“DEAR MACHINE” is a thought experiment for an era of great societal change – making a compelling case that humanity can ensure the emergence of beneficial superintelligence while addressing climate change and reducing economic disenfranchisement by investing time and money in agroforestry, adaptive learning, blockchains, psychedelics, the human microbiome and our capacity for collective introspection.

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