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***Feature Image made from the art of Oliver Hibert and his Psychedelic Tarot Deck***

When is the best time to journey psychedelics?

This question is usually addressed with an internal, emotional-psychological assessment and a pragmatic, roles and responsibilities assessment. Something like “when I feel it is time, and can reasonably fit it into my schedule.”

But what if there are other factors at play than simply how we feel and what days we have off work? What if there are larger cycles and forces at play that also warrant consideration in our planning? Factors that, properly considered, can set us up for safer journeys and more reliably constructed outcomes?

According to our guest for this episode, Noah Cebuliak, such factors do exist and can be assessed through astrology.

Bear with me for a moment, before Noah’s bio, because I anticipate many of you might have just launched into your high skeptic, and with good reason. Many of us have encountered a lot of half-baked pop media horoscope astrology, or New Age idealism that uses astrology for spiritual bypassing. These are legitimate things to be skeptical about.

And yet, using astrology as a tool to assist in the planning and preparation of our psychedelic journeys warrants exploration and reasonable discussion.

Furthermore, if your skeptic wasn’t strong enough against using astrology for planning and preparation, this podcast is also going to explore the use of Tarot cards for the practice of psychedelic integration. Again, another topic that warrants exploration and reasonable discussion.

Our guest for this episode is going to have that discussion with us.

astrology psychedelic tarotNoah Cebuliak is a mentor and consulting metaphysician. His main focus is in assisting people through major life transitions involving career, relationship, location, and life purpose questions. He sees clients all over the world, and his weekly live forecasts are popular on the Insight Timer meditation app. On his blog,, he writes about shadow work, psychedelics, divination, astrology, attention sovereignty, and living life in “deep time.” He recently ran a successful “Tarot & Shadow Work For Men” course, the first of its kind. He is also a musician and co-producer of Anilah, a northern neo-shamanic music project started by his wife. They recently released their 3rd album, Chrysalis, in September 2021.

Together, Noah and I explore what Tarot and Asotlrogy are and are not; their use and history of involvement with psychedelic work; wagering fair skepticism with pragmatism and opportunity; the use of astrology for spiritual bypassing; how we can work with both astrology and tarot for our psychedelic preparation and integration; and more.


Want to use astrology to time your psychedelic journeys, without building the skills to do so on your own or pay for a personalized consultation?

Noah has recently released “a comprehensive set of carefully selected dates and times for the most graceful, easeful and supportive healing journeys.”

You can purchase his 2022 Psychedelic Elections here.

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***Feature Image made from the art of Oliver Hibert and his Psychedelic Tarot Deck***

Episode Breakdown

  • What Astrology is (and is not)
  • Astrology is correlation, not causation (Grof and Tarnas)
  • Using astrology to time our psychedelic journeys
  • How “the godfather of LSD” Stanislav Grof discovered astrology’s link to psychedelic experiences
  • Wagering fair skepticism with pragmatism and opportunity
  • Omen logic and navigating the brilliant mystery
  • What a natal chart is, how to get one, and how to use it
  • Mercury retrograde and Saturn’s return—the good, the bad, and the bypassing
  • We need to grow up out of cultural and spiritual neoteny
  • Your life is not about you
  • What Tarot is (and is not)
  • Noah’s perspective on how I (James) use tarot
  • Debating the value of using a book reference to read tarot
  • Reading tarot while on psychedelics
  • The conflict between the medical model and encounters with entities?
  • The bottom line is that we need to have humility to navigate the Mystery
  • How astrology and tarot can help with psychedelic integration
  • How to start with tarot
  • Noah’s contact info



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***Feature Image made from the art of Oliver Hibert and his Psychedelic Tarot Deck***

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