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My thoughts on the ‘reality‘ of psychedelic entities, plant spirits, and the potentials of spiritual bypassing in psychedelic work.

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This is a clip from a full interview with The End Of The Road podcast, available here

Topics Discussed In The Full Interview:

– Living and working with psychedelics plants
– Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and its connection to psychedelic mushrooms
– Trauma and the contents of the shadow
– Guilt and Shame
– Working with the shadow in psychedelic experiences
– What is spiritual practice and how do we call it into our lives
– Intention setting and Struggling with ADHD as a creative entrepreneur
– The unique challenges of psychedelic work
– Psychedelic / interdimensional entities vs plant spirits
spiritual maturity and spiritual bypassing
– My journey with spiritual bypassing to evade sexual shame
building psychedelic community
– We are all one, but we are also different and that difference needs celebration
– Integration and the psychological dangers of stigma against psychedelics
– What I am up to for 2019

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