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I admit that, quite often, I feel like a bit of a failure when being interviewed.

What I mean by this is that I get nervous, talk too fast, and say things that in hindsight I wish I had said differently. I know I am the only person that notices and that I am my own  biggest critic, but hey, it’s still there in the self-reflection program of my psyche. This interview, however, is one of the few that I feel really good about. I was, apparently, in a good place when this interview went down and has left my desire to be interviewed again soon all hot and bothered! (Psst… HMU to be on your podcast or youtube channel ?)

Sadly, it lacks the sound quality that listeners of Adventures Through The Mind have become accustomed to, but none the less, it is bearable.

Listen Here

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Here is a breakdown of what we spoke about!
  • Living and working with psychedelics plants
  • Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and its connection to psychedelic mushrooms
  • Trauma and the contents of the shadow
  • Guilt and shame
  • Working with the shadow in psychedelic experiences
  • What is spiritual practice and how do we call it into our lives
  • Intention setting and Struggling with ADHD as a creative entrepreneur
  • The unique challenges of psychedelic work
  • Psychedelic / interdimensional entities and plant spirits
  • Spiritual maturity and spiritual bypassing
  • My journey with spiritual bypassing to evade sexual shame
  • Building psychedelic community
  • We are all one, but we are also different and that difference needs celebration
  • Integration and psychological dangers of stigma against psychedelics
  • What I am up to for 2019 (here is the lecture I spoke about at the end of the interview!)

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