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I was in Edinburgh, Scotland in August of 2019.

While out that way I was offered the opportunity to be interviewed by Elliott Reeves for his podcast Inspired Edinburgh. It took place in a very comfortable leather chair in a gorgeous high ceiling room in a downtown mason. I was on top of my talking game at that time as I was deep into my tour and this is one of my best interviews yet! Especially since he asked me about much more than psychedelics: meaning, purpose, legacy, dying, god, etc. Big Questions. Topics and time stamps below.

Thanks for checking it out!
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Interview Topics and time stamps
  • 00:00 Trailer
  • 00:30 Introduction
  • 02:20 James’ early life
  • 03:30 James on what he was like as a child
  • 05:50 Processing early childhood experiences
  • 09:50 James on his aspirations
  • 12:20 When did things in James’ life begin to change?
  • 21:30 How would James describe a psychedelic experience to someone that’s never had one?
  • 22:00 James’ most positive experience
  • 24:40 How was James perceiving reality before vs after?
  • 28:10 James on his worldview
  • 29:05 The mainstream perception of psychedelics
  • 36:00 In what way would the world be different if everyone had a psychedelic experience?
  • 42:00 James’ thoughts on the term ‘God’
  • 43:50 Advice James would give to anyone looking to self-fund their work
  • 47:20 James on his purpose
  • 50:20 James’ thoughts on death
  • 54:50 James on the meaning of life
  • 58:30 James on his legacy
  • 1:00:00 James’ vision for his brand
  • 1:04:00 James on his Fox News interview
  • 1:07:10 How does James define success?
  • 1:09:30 Best piece of advice
  • 1:10:20 Speaking to 20 year old self
  • 1:10:50 Changing the world

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