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” James has a wide-ranging and engaging manner of presenting both himself and his ideas. Long before we had the absolute pleasure to host him in Scotland we were aware of his dedicated, boundary-dissolving, humourous and informative forward-thinking podcasts and videos. It must also be said that the flow and prose of his books are both captivating and at times beautifully vulnerable. It was a real treat to have someone so respected in the community show such enthusiasm and obvious professionalism on their visit, both at the fantastic success of the lecture itself, and the days surrounding it. Our members’ feedback since has been overwhelmingly positive; quite the feat considering it represents such a broad spectrum of society. Needless to say, we welcome him back any time!! ”
Ian MacLennan and Neil Young, Founders of the Psychedelic Society of Edinburgh, Scotland 2018

“The work of James W. Jesso had interested for a while when several signs announced that we had the chance to host him at our festival, O.Z.O.R.A. It seemed, in fact, that destiny had decided it. Meeting him in person, I felt he was one the wisest young men of our tribe. He possesses a fresh and important view of the world of the psychedelics. I would highly recommend him as a presenter.”

– Csaba Mata, Managing Director of Chambok House, O.Z.O.R.A. Festival, Hungary 2016


“James is an engaging speaker and was perfect for our inaugural event. His lecture was a delightful – and easy to take on board – blend of personal anecdote and pragmatic lessons. There was much in the content that experienced and less experienced psychonauts could take home. He listened attentively in the extensive Q&A, with the result that we received very positive feedback after the event. As the event organizers, we’re happy he set a high bar for the future.”

– Jules Marshall, journalist and co-founder of The Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands ~ Amsterdam 2016


“James’ talk was our organization’s first event and we couldn’t imagine a better start. Our audience was captivated by James’ personality and his story. The quality of the lecture was very high and so was the Q&A session in which the audience eagerly participated. Thanks to this event we gained a trust of Amsterdam’s psychedelic community that we will deliver top quality events in the future.”

Marta Kaczmarczyk ~ co-founder of Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands ~ Amsterdam 2016

“It was a total pleasure to host James to share his ideas with our community. We were particularly impressed with the care and attention to detail he expressed in his ideas, and the way that he tied together different strands of research to tell an important story about the transformative potential of psilocybin. We would welcome him back anytime.”

 – Vince Polito – Sydney Spore, Sydney Australia  2016


“My partner and I had the pleasure of hosting James at the Higher Love Headquarters in Thunder Bay. His presentation on Visionary Plant Medicine was fascinating and engaging. James clearly has done a lot of research on the subject and this comes through in his way of blending scientific understanding with personal anecdotes and reflection. He made the audience feel safe and comfortable to participate, and facilitated an open discussion on a positive approach to psychedelics. His workshop had a ripple effect and the healing and understanding that it created in our community has continued since he left us.

James was an absolute joy to host. Just as they say about visionary plant medicine, my experience with James lasted 1 week, and will stay with me for the rest of my life. Thank you James!”

Katarina Georgaras, Co-Founder of Higher Love Headquarters, 2014


“”We invited James to present his deep knowledge of psilocybin and the psychedelic realm during our grand opening ayahuasca retreat at the Ayahuasca Adventure Center after seeing him speak in Vancouver at the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference.   James conducted an engaging two hour lecture based on his research which stimulated interest and conversation within the group,  and helped us inform our integration of Psilocybe mushrooms into our psychedelic healing retreats.

James conducted a great lecture and he repeatedly contributed to the learning and healing of other group members by articulating and relaying his own psychedelic and life experiences.  We are very grateful to have had James on our first retreat and to have earned an important friend.”

Daniel Cleland,  founder of Pulse Adventure Tours and Ayahuasca Adventure Center, 2014


“James is a natural at bringing people together. I attended some of his events and I collaborated with him on one of my projects, which was a pleasure because he possesses the unique combination of intelligence, empathy, and social skills. It is obvious for me to say that James has the ability to start new ventures, understand concepts quickly, clearly communicate his ideas, think progressively and outside the box, and over deliver with great results. I would describe his events as mindful, well organized, and thought provoking. James is charismatic and pleasant; no wonder why everybody likes to hang out with him. When it come to work, he is focused, action oriented, and disciplined. That, combined with his warm presence, and his passion for bringing positive change, make him a great event producer.”

Raja Chemali, Administrative Coordinator, YYC Holistic – 2014


“James W Jesso is a brilliant author, speaker and facilitator.  Wise beyond his years, James speaks from experience and from the heart.  James’s professionalism is outstanding; he was a joy for me to relate to through the entire process of booking him to present at Astral Harvest the past 2 years.  From email communication and working out business details to just occupying a common space in community, James is authentic and grounded.  He is truly a modern day mystic on an incredible journey of the inner realms.  Our festival was blessed to have him guide others on a journey of their own personal discovery!   I highly recommend James- the author, speaker, facilitator, guide, intellectual, space holder and being. “

Eugena Rempel-Witten, Conference Coordinator, Astral Harvest Music Festival – 2013


“James W. Jesso was a feature presenter at the third Spirit Plant Medicine Conference, held in Vancouver BC at the University of British Columbia on Oct. 26 and 27, 2013. James’ conference talk was met with an enthusiastic response. He is an intelligent, articulate, insightful, and accessible speaker with remarkable stories about his own healing journey with psilocybin mushrooms and deep perspectives on the beneficial use of these mushrooms and on the healing journey altogether that offer an important contribution to this work.”

Stephen Gray, co-organizer, Spirit Plant Medicine Conference – 2013


“James Jesso has proven himself to be a dynamic and engaging speaker. He does a great job of presenting his ideas in a clear and concise format in a way that stimulates his audience with new  insights and ideas. He’s also very personable, as well, allowing his audience to feel comfortable, heard, and respected.”

Martin W. Ball, Pd.D., Independent Entheogenic Researcher and Author of “Being Human” – 2013


“James communicated with such a great vibe and the energy he had created was enlightening and comforting for all who attended his workshop. FozzyFest is more than pleased to have had James, not only run workshops, but be a part of our festival. If it wasn’t for kind, loving, spiritual minds like James, FozzyFest would not be what we are today. We gladly, with open arms, welcome James into the 2014 FozzyFest workshop roster. “

Deanna Wright, Administrative Director at FozzyFest Music Festival, 2013


“Luminosity Project booked James Jesso for our first annual Luminosity Festival in July 2013. He presented a workshop titled “Decomposing The Shadow: Lessons from the Psilocybin Mushroom”. His deep understanding of the topic, combined with being a talented wordsmith and confident public speaker, captivated the audience for his 1 hour talk. We look forward to having James again!”

Jeremy Allen, Co-Organizer, Luminosity Project – 2013


“To be able to fluidly deliver & interweave complex social, political, physiological and spiritual concepts is no small undertaking – and James Jesso does exactly that. James has clearly spent a tremendous amount of time researching & refining his presentation, and his ability to bring all these together in an intellectually stimulating & emotionally moving workshop speaks volumes to the work he has put in. It was great to host him in our  venue, and we look forward to doing so again!”

Jason Guille, Administrative Director, Sunset Room, Victoria BC – 2013


“James was an absolute pleasure to work with.  Organized and efficient, but without pretension or ego, he gave freely of his knowledge with a sense of compassion rarely found when mental illness is discussed.  I would gladly organize with him again.”

Austin Simpson, Events Coordinator, Camas Books & Info Shop – Victoria, BC – 2013


“James W. Jesso was a Joy to work with; he has a calm, organized, and professional approach to his Art, to which he has clearly dedicated himself. His presentations are a breath of fresh air that outline and delve into some keystone topics of today’s evolutionary dialogues. Integrating experiential learning with research pairing a lineage of understanding in his field, he is virtuously proliferating a revitalization of an ancient-earth-based wisdom updated to meet the current context. Authentic and inspiring, I would certainly work with James again!”

 Brook Paulin aka Entelechy, Soundscape Engineer and Dance Party Maestro, Victoria BC ~ 2013


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