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Exploring the fundamental nature of reality and the role psychedelic drugs within electronic dance music environment can play as cognitive enhancers for self-awareness. It discusses meaning-making, perception, self-awareness, consciousness expansion, spirituality, and the connections between shamanism and electronic music.

This lecture was recorded in Victoria, BC, Canada on April 19, 2014, Luminosity Project’s Bicycle Day Celebration. My ideas and approach to this topic have evolved a lot since then, (so have my public speaking skills). I am even a bit uncomfortable posting it because it’s such a timepiece, but alas, here we go!

The book referenced, Soundscapes & Psychedelics, is now out of print. My other two books are available below.

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  1. Great video thanks for the continued efforts. I love your knowledge and research into what meanings are being made about virtually everything, and our responsibility surrounding it.

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