james jesso attmind podcast 94

Life Through A Polyvagal Lens | Deb Dana, LCSW ~ ATTMind 94

Deb Dana, LSCW is on the show to tell us all about Polyvagal theory and the explanatory power it has for how and why we are the way we are in the world and with each other in a psychological, neurobiological, sociological, but also practical way. Polyvagal theory is easily one of the most valuable things I have learned about in my life and I am very excited to share it with you.

Psychedelic Neuroscience, Civilization, and The Ego | Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris ~ ATTMind 93

Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris heads the Psychedelic Research Group within the Centre for Psychiatry at Imperial College London. He joins us on Adventures Through The Mind to talk about the Entropic Brain (and mind) theory, complexity vs. order, the disproportionate representation of ‘ego’ consciousness in modern civilisation and its impacts on the natural world, confirmation biases and misreporting in psychedelic science and, of course, how psychedelics work in the brain.

The Pan-African Use Of Psychedelic Mushrooms | Darren Spinger ~ ATTMind 91

In this (on-location) interview, Darren Springer talks about the ancient history of pan-African psychedelic use and travels forwards through time along the wings of mythology until the myths dissolve into the harsh reality of slavery, racism, and neighbourhoods infused with violence. It is grounded in this reality that Darren shares with us the potential of psychedelics (psilocybin mushrooms in particular) for the healing of historical trauma and the revitalization of black communities in the UK.

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