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Have you heard of the flickering light that gives you a psychedelic experience?

Well, it’s true.
Well… it’s true in the sense that people make the claim, but how true it is that they give you psychedelic experience is a whole other inquiry.

Either way, I was down to give it a try and, thankfully, Jamison from Lucia Lighthouse Toronto offered me the opportunity to not only come over to his place to try it out (for my second time) but to film it for y’all to enjoy as well!

My light trip report from that experience is below.
Below that is a very strange story about the first time I tried the light.


The Story Of My First Encounter With The Light

(I have removed all identifying details and change names to ensure no one in this is identifiable) 

Back in 2018, I met a person — let’s call them Bob — who used to run a trippy light booth at festivals. As far as I know, it wasn’t the Lucia Light explicitly. It was some other variety. Either way, people would come and try it out during the festival. Although it was a rule that you couldn’t be intoxicated in any way, it was a festival and people were obviously on things while trying it. One night Bob did a session for someone after their booth was supposed to be closed. Bob didn’t want too, as there was something in their gut that said it wasn’t a good idea. But Bob bowed to the group they were with and the light session was offered anyway. The person under the light ended up having a seizure, which was a severe medical emergency.

Now, just because you don’t think you have epilepsy, doesn’t mean that you don’t have it. It might not come on till much later in your life. So when Bob would ask people if they had epilepsy and they would say no, despite being totally honest with that answer as far as they knew, they could still have a seizure. A similar event happened a second time with an older man who almost died as a consequence of this event and Bob left the light company as they couldn’t continue to place themselves as potentially responsible for another person’s death.

So what made this so extra odd for me was that, a few days later, I was in another city getting ready to do a talk. While outside, a friend of the organizer had shown up to say hi. The organizer encouraged him to talk with me as his wife had recently died and it was working with psilocybin that had helped him move with his grief in a way that allowed him to keep showing up as a good father after this event. Here’s the strange part: his wife died from a seizure as a consequence of not knowing she had epilepsy.

This strange story continues, as the day after I met this man I was in another city, getting ready to give a talk there. While hanging out in my accommodation, scrolling social media, I discovered that a friend of mine had recently died. I looked and looked and looked but could not find any explicit info on what happened. After about an hour, however, I did find some information. Turns out, they died of a seizure as a consequence of epilepsy they were unaware that they had.

That was now three, very synchronistic seizure connections within a week, spanning three different cities. What was extra strange is that when I arrived at my event that night, someone was there offering the Lucia Light for anyone who wanted to try. Now, for many of you, this story might be a ‘so what’ kind of story, but for me, this was uncanny given that up until this series of events I had little to contact with seizures or epilepsy in my life. Now it was three connections within a week, sparked by the story of Light experiences nearly causing death and followed by two seizure-related deaths, only to have me standing in front of such a light with an open offer to give it a try.

Well, as you can imagine, the context leading to the moment I was offered an opportunity to go under the light was one that infused the decision to do so with quite a bit of gravity. After all, I’d rather not die in a tragic accident in my early 30s. Yet, after explaining this to the person offering the light and ensuring that they would be ready to call an ambulance in the event of me having a seizure, I went for it. It was alright, pretty short, nothing impactful. But the lead up to the moment was potent and remains my first introduction to the Lucia Light.

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