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The rise of psychedelic capitalism is upon us.

Although psychedelic medicine remains largely relegated to research centers (apart from in Canada through organizations like TheraPsil) and otherwise tightly thumbed down by prohibition, the “shroom boom” is coming.

As such, there is a growing influx of new players in the psychedelic scene, funded by venture capital, and driven towards crafting successful businesses. Save for a few mavericks, these businesses are for-profit models, many of which founded on intellectual property and exclusive patents. The necessity of competitiveness capitalism breeds is taking hold and growing in the psychedelic world.

What will this mean for psychedelic culture? What will this mean for psychedelic medicine? What will this mean for the psychedelic experience itself?

Alexander Beiner of Rebel WisdomWe welcome Alexander Beiner to the show to explore those questions.

Alexander Beiner is co-founder of Rebel Wisdom, a media platform and community focused on having nuanced conversations about complex ideas in culture, personal development, and philosophy. He’s also a director of Breaking Convention, Europe’s largest conference on psychedelic culture and medicine. He’s been involved in psychedelic activism for the last 15 years and is particularly interested in how psychedelics are entering the mainstream.

Recently he released a film through Rebel Wisdom, called The Rise Of Psychedelic Capitalism, where he “speaks to leading experts in the field – from clinicians and CEOs to shamans and philosophers – to ask what the rise of psychedelic capitalism means for the future of culture and medicine.”

Alexander Beiner joins us on Adventures Through The Mind to discuss the rise of psychedelic capitalism, its impact on the culture, and the risk of us losing something promising if we get swept up by various narratives for-profits models are seeding into our minds.

We also discuss modern Western culture’s crisis of meaning, the dissolution of trust in institutions, “the internet of beefs”, and the challenge of sensemaking in our modern technological landscape.

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Episode Breakdown

Timestamps available on the youtube page

  • Adderall, modafinil, and attention in a world of distraction
  • Rebel Wisdom, sensemaking, and the meaning crisis
  • Multi-level narrative warfare and the culture war in a multipolar world
  • How psychedelics are impacting us negatively, in the context of the meaning crisis
  • Psychedelics lack the cultural framework needed for them to have a positive impact impact
  • Can psychedelic culture become antifragile?
  • Psychedelics’ potentially positive role | the transformational power of truth
  • Game-B  and the rise of psychedelic capitalism
  • The legal and ethical complexities introduced with for-profit models for psychedelic therapy
  • Who should be regulating the psychedelic industry, and how?
  • Prohibition (and profit) block the generative public discourse needed to address the problems psychedelic capitalism is introducing
  • The power and importance of talking openly about our thoughts on psychedelics and psychedelic culture
  • How profiting through the psychedelic industry will begin to silence us from speaking up against harm and damage done within those industries
  • The changing quality of discourse on the complexities facing psychedelic culture
  • The epitome of psychedelic capitalism is in the language of ‘wellness’
  • Will mainstreaming psychedelics fundamentally alter the psychedelic experiences itself?
  • Will the mainstream change the psychedelic experience, or will the psychedelic experience change the mainstream?
  • The unfortunate lack of recognizing plant intelligence in our presently mainstreamed models for psychedelic experiences
  • The strange game of appearing respectable in order to be respected in psychedelic research can’t go on forever
  • A taste of what’s coming up on rebel wisdom regarding psychedelic content

Relevant Links

Alexander Beiner’s Medium

You can follow Alexander’s written thoughts on his medium blog.

Check Out Rebel Wisdom

Rebel Wisdom is a media platform founded by BBC & Channel 4 filmmaker David Fuller, and co-founded by writer Alexander Beiner. It is centered on the conviction that we are seeing a civilizational-level crisis of ideas, as the old operating system breaks down. The new is struggling to emerge – and the most transformative ideas always show up first as rebellious.

Rebel Wisdom looks to move beyond ideology. We create our content with the intention of engaging with the whole person – intellect, body, and intuition – to create honest discussions.

The film we were talking about on this  was  The Rise Of Psychedelic Capitalism

Some other films from Rebel Wisdom that I have personally found very helpful include, The Q Anon Shaman & The Return of the Mythic, Art, Race and Transformation, Chloe Valdary, and their War on Sensemaking with Daniel Schmachtenberger.

You can also watch these films on The Rebel Wisdom YouTube channel.



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