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I have been attracted to the costumes, creatures, sacres and creepy tone of Halloween ever since I was a child. It’s a time of year where it seems that mostly everyone celebrates something that for the rest of the year is held in taboo… the dark.

#commitedAF to GORE in my early 20s

Of course, this takes many forms, but one of the most obvious is the autumnal swell of Halloween-themed tv show episodes, as well as the releases and revisitation of horror films. It is in this tradition of dipping into the dark at this time of year that I happily release this bonus episode on the psychology of horror films.

From early beginnings – where the strong religious culture of my household forbade all things ‘demonic’, to my first Halloween as a bat at 3¹⁄² years old, through reading Goosebumps and watching Are You Afraid Of The Dark? as a child and my obsessions with heavy death metal and Gore films in my late teens and early 20s, all the way to my much calmer but finetuned appreciation for the cultural and artistic complexities of the art and psychology of horror – horror culture has played a significant role in my life and development over decades, and it is with that deeply-versed curiosity that I welcome May Leitz to Adventures Through The Mind.

May Leitz is a filmmaker, video artist and writer out of Ft Worth, TX. She has a bachelor’s in Art + Art History from UT Arlington with a focus in film/video. She is mostly known for her YouTube channel mostly dedicated to an undying appreciation of horror films.

May has an exceptional depth of interest in this topic to the degree that very few people do. I feel fortunate to have gotten her on the show for us to talk about why we watch horror films, what personality traits lead us to different styles of horror, our culture’s tendencies towards the extreme (such as American ‘torture porn’), and the traumatic potential of the modern, quasi-abusive haunted house attractions.

May, like me, is a nerd for shit and I am happy to share our discussion with y’all.

Happy Halloween!

Make sure you check out May’s youtube channel, Nyx Fears!

You can also follow her on Instagram or Twitter.



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