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Hashish And Its Place In Modern Cannabis Culture | The Dank Duchess ~ ATTMind 117

James W. Jesso Interviews The Dank Duchess on Hashmaking and Cannabis Culture
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The dangerous (and failed) experiment of cannabis prohibition is slowly, very slowly, coming to a close.

10 grams of hashish originating from Morocco. Courtesy of Anonume via CC

There is a modern market for cannabis of all varieties and preparations. Amongst them remains a historical constant:


Hashish has evolved quite a bit since the 1100s. TEchniques, technology, and terminology have all grown substantially, yet the essence of hashish and what it offers the cannabis user remains the same since those times. What is it that hashish offers? Well, that is a rich and complex conversation. It is also a conversation that we have The Dank Duchess on  Adventures Through The Mind to have with us for this episode!

Dank Duchess HashishOakland, California-based The Dank Duchess, an internationally recognized cannabis cultivator, hashmaker, and writer. She has made it her mission to impart her knowledge of cannabis and hash to anyone who will receive it. Duchess is well-versed in cannabis bubble hashmaking, cannabis media, and cannabis culture. She journeys to cannabis-friendly locales worldwide to expand her knowledge, host educational parties and spread cannabis awareness.

The Dank Duchess is on the show to discuss hashish, from what it means and how its made to why it matters in the modern cannabis market. We also discuss the ongoing impact of cannabis prohibition on black culture in the united states; harmful trends in the modern cannabis culture; and the power of hashish (and cannabis in general) to bridge our social divides and lay foundations for a better world.

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Episode Breakdown

  • The anatomy of the cannabis plant.
  • All about trichomes and how different cannabis concentrates interact with them.
  • Bubble hash making 101.
  • The Market’s misunderstanding about what denotes hashish quality
  • What “full-spectrum” means in the context of hash making.
  • The definition of hash ‘meltability’ and why it matters to dabbing.
  • What makes good hash good.
  • How to test how good your hash is.
  • Why hashish matters.
  • The difference in experience between smoking buds and smoking hash.
  • The harmfulness of competitive cannabis consumption.
  • Positive trends in intentional cannabis culture.
  • How the racism of cannabis prohibition continues to harm black people within cannabis culture.
  • The evolution of hip-hop cannabis rock stardom into Xanax/Lean/Percocet/etc overdoses.
  • Why Duchess thinks more back people need to step up in support of responsible substance use.
  • The continued racism of prohibitionist law enforcement.
  • The bridging capacity of communal cannabis use (the value of cannabis communities to bridge modern racial and social divides).
  • What ‘growing up’ means and what it takes to grow up.
  • The psychological harm of smoking cannabis alone.

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