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Yarrow Willard, Clinical/Master Herbalist, co-visionary of the Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary and self-proclaimed ‘Herbal Jedi” is this episode’s guest. He joins us to explore the potentials of plants and the natural world in training the material and non-material potentials residing in each of us.

He really blew my mind with his practice around microdosing in the forest and the philosophical basis that informs the practice. I have since been doing this myself more and more. I suppose, as a city guy, something that I can “do” in nature so help me feel more present and purposeful.

Topics explored in the episode include:

  • how to learn from plants.
  • microdosing wild plants,
  • epigenetics and health through the generations,
  • the role plants play in our material and non-material health,
  • cultivating biological resilience,
  • branched polysaccharides and the fungal kingdom,
  • training the microbiome,
  • the current state of human domestication and how we can start to free ourselves.

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