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You create your own reality

Well, maybe not. At least not as directly as the claim suggests. There are a vast number of variables within reality that are far beyond your control, and are certainly outside of your creation.

However, you are not the hollow castings of life floating adrift in complexity. You are an agent of conscious will with (more or less) capacity for agency. The exists within you an innate potential for effecting change within and without yourself, and thus you have a capacity to respond creatively to reality within yourself, with the contextual resources available to you at any given time. There is nothing occult or hocus pocus about this.

However, what if there was, with the development of certain skills, a capacity to bend reality according to that will as a level of influence beyond simply responding to the random happenstance of life as it comes at you? What if it was possible that you could directly affect changes in reality outside of yourself? That is a claim of so-called occult Magick, and, in particular, of Pop Magick

what is Pop magick?

According to our guest for this episode, Alex Kazemi, “magick is the art and science of bending reality in accordance with your true will” and pop magick is an anti-dogmatic approach to magick, alchemy, and the occult.

Alex Kazemi is a pop artist, creative director, author, and cultural deprogrammer. Coming out of the pop media world, his work has been featured on Apple Music, Dazed, i-D, Playboy, Resident Advisor, King Kong, V Magazine, Paper, and Oyster, among others. Recently he released his book Pop Magick: A Simple Guide To Bending Your Reality.

Alex is on the show to talk about using magick and magickal rituals to bend reality, but also how magick has both helped and harmed him on his path into, and through, substance addiction and early fame. We also talk about learning to free ourselves from the simulation of mainstream consumer reality, why the dogmas of the occult world are holding magickal practitioners back, drug-induced psychosis, and even NoFap as a powerful practice of inner alchemy.

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Episode Breakdown

  • What is Magick
  • The theatre of modern culture
  • What about occam’s razor? Why do we need a higher power to understand Magick
  • What is reality; what is freedom?
  • Magical perspective vs magical practice
  • Accessing desire deeper than material
  • Being selfish and self-centred with your magical power
  • Pop magick and the dogma of the occult
  • Magick as a non-discriminatory spiritual option
  • The value of tradition vs the cage of dogma
  • Spirits and how we create entities
  • The value of accessing a higher power
  • Magick as a frame of reference for psychotherapy
  • Healing trauma and addiction with magic
  • How Magick both helped and harmed Alex’s journey through addiction
  • The anatomy of a magical ritual
  • Accessing natural energy, within and without
  • An important risk with doing Pop Magick
  • Using magic to feed our addictions
  • Abstract outcome vs  specific outcome
  • How questing for our own desires can hurt others
  • James’ journey into addiction and drug-induced psychosis
  • Sigil Magick and candle Magick
  • Charging your Magickal symbols
  • Suspending Disbelief; Just give it a go
  • Drug Magick
  • Why Alex avoids drug Magick
  • Sex Magick
  • Nofap, porn, and inner alchemy
  • The dangers of porn for young minds
  • Pornography addiction

Check out Alex’s book Pop Magick: A Simple Guide To Bending Your Reality 

Or, check out Alex Kazemi’s main page here.



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