This is an interview that was done with me for the #floatformaps campaign being facilitated by Hamilton Ontario’s ‘ZEE Float’ float center.

We talk about floating (sensory deprivation tanks), psychedelics, my experience taking psychedelics while floating, as well as my thoughts on what the floating experience might offer the person.

[Edit, Sept 12, 10:32 am EST]

Also, something to add. I mentioned at one point that compared to psychedelics, floating is easy. And in some sense, this is true, easier to say yes to in many ways. However, there is a profound difficulty to float tanks that isn’t present with psychedelics, which is paradoxically what makes them easier: that you can stop anytime. The difficulty then becomes committing and staying in the tank! For me this is the hardest part (and likely the most valuable) because I constantly want to get out and ‘get things done’, to wield the control I still have to ‘do’ and ‘achieve’ in a way that seems (although inaccurately) to be impossible just laying there floating away.

watch the interview

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