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Was Terence McKenna Right about the Transcendental Object At The End Of Time?

Retrocausality is a concept in quantum physics that determines that event in the future can affect the present. Oddly enough, there is evidence to support and explain this here, here, and here.

In this video, I explore my contemplations on whether or not this concept is alive in the perceivably linear time continuity I experience as a human being. The experiences in question are related to my psychedelic ceremonies and psychedelic explains.

Some wild conjecture in this one.

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  1. This is a coincidence for me. Last week I had just set up a ceremony and noticed a number of unusual physical symptoms for 3 days afterwards. I mentioned to a friend of mine that it felt as though the mushrooms in my future ceremony were communicating back to now to start the process. I am generally a rationalist and don’t assume such thoughts are true, but it’s interesting that you came up with exactly that topic.

  2. The way I see it, there’s ultimately one path we end up taking in life. You could call it destiny. It is already fixed, and so every moment from the past leads to it equally in a similar way that every point on a line is as equally vital to the integrity of the line’s continuity.

    But even if we can feel the lesser reverberations from a plucked point in the future, are we not still bound to reach that point?


  3. Joao Santos Ferreira Reply

    Only present moment exists in an ocean of conditioned possibilities , if we can observe and contemplate “the flow ” it’s possible to modify or perception if we can dissolve the emotional noodles in our body. Everything, each cells of or body are programmed for churching the ultimate light. Be “one”which the flow, liberates tension and jugement and all obstacles and dissolved with the tree time concepts. Free of time, we came home and freedom is there naturally .We are simply here and now.
    Past and future still possibilities nothing else.
    Maintain a profound contemplation and accept the emergence of life. Everything is at the good place, there’s nothing to change.
    If we change our mode to see things… things change. Time doesn’t matter

    Sorry if I disturb 😂

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