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During the summer of 2016,

I had the blessed opportunity to travel and share my inspiration, purpose, and path with crowds all over Europe. One of the opportunities that came into my sphere was to present at OZORA festival in Hungary.

OZORA is in many ways a bit of a mecca for psytrance people across Europe and the whole world. Somehow they not only decided to offer me the opportunity to share as a part of their world-renowned conference, but also to be featured in prime time right after the late, great Nick Sand and right before a discussion panel featuring Graham St. John, Julian Palmer, and David Nickles.

I know it was recorded but didn’t know it was released until months after it was released on SoundCloud. Upon listening to it, I realized that this may be amongst, it not THE best lecture I have ever given on this topic.

I am honored and excited to share it with you.
Please Enjoy.

Topics Discussed

  • Cultural appropriation
  • My first LSD experience
  • Drug addiction (personal story)
  • Healing with mushrooms
  • Psychospiritual maturation
  • Emotional competence
  • The three domains of personal development
  • Courage freedom presence
  • Freedom (and false freedom)
  • Set setting dose
  • Regarding the mushroom
  • Radically honest, emotionally
  • The danger and mitigation of bad trips
  • The 4 Archetypes Of Psilocybin

Photos From OZORA

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***Originally titled “The 4 Archetype Of Psilocybin”. I have changed because although the content is related and overlapping with other lectures given by the same name this one holds a unique set of perspective that I believe warrant it a different title.


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