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As a part of my commitment to this work, here I offer to you a recording of one of the lectures I gave in 2016 during my European tour. It was recorded in July at KOSMOS Festival in Finland. I had an amazing time at that festival and I highly suggest experiencing it if you can.


I have offered this for free, please enjoy it. If you feel called to express your gratitude for this talk and in turn support me in my work, please leave me a donation when downloading it off of Bandcamp.

Lecture Abstract:

Psilocybin provides the opportunity to explore a very novel state of consciousness, increasingly attributed with high levels of psychological and spiritual significance. In particular, it is being attributed to catalyzing powerfully transformative changes in those using it. There is a solid discussion on the various qualities and characteristics of the psilocybin experience within the academic community, but a coherent model of the psychology of psilocybin specific to the process of positive personal transformation is lacking. This presentation presents such a model, developed out of personal experience and extensive study.


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