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Psychospiritual maturation is the developmental process wherein we discover and repattern the elements of personality that deviate from the most honest core expression of the unique, unconditioned self. Spiritual practice is a means to cultivate a deeper awareness of this self and exercise an ability to express and integrate it into identity. Each one of us has a different set of challenges and barriers established between who we are now, and who we would be if we were fully expressed as our unconditioned, unhindered unique self. By inspiring the emergence of unconscious emotional material, our reactions and interactions with others can help or hinder psychospiritual maturation.

Conscious Relationships & Psychospiritual MaturityAfter traveling all summer to teach this lecture at 6 different music festivals, I am happy to share one of my recordings.

This particular talk took place on Sunday August 10th 2014 @ The Grove Stage during Shambhala Music Festival.

I have offered it for free, please enjoy it. If you feel called to express your gratitude for this talk and in turn support me in my work, please leave me a donation when downloading it off of Bandcamp. Thank you.


***Featured Image by Bernat Casero courtesy of CreativeCommons


  1. James,

    The link for this download goes to an error page. Whats the correct link?


    • jameswjesso Reply

      Hey Artur, if you look just below the link there is an explanation as to why this audio is currently unavailable.

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