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Here is the promo video for my first book, Decomposing The Shadow: Lessons From The Psilocybin Mushroom.
It was funded via indiegogo.

Head to the now finished Crowd-Funding Campaign if you like,
but here’s a link to the book’s website


  1. James, I heard you on Martin Ball’s podcast, and really jived with what you were saying. What you are doing right now is what I’ve thought I should be doing it, but I don’t know how it’s all going to pan out. I regularly consume Cannabis and feel the same way about it as you do about mushrooms. It has helped me immensly in many of the same ways.I totally believe in entheogens and their power to heal, and Cannabis has been my only option as of late. I used to do large amounts of LSD, alone, and in meditative trans-like states, journeyed to distant places via remote viewing. I did this regularly, but still did hallucinogens for fun as well. When I met my future wife, all that stopped. She didn’t want a drug user for a husband, so I stopped completely for 10 years before I started using Cannabis again. Due to a broken vertabrae in my back, and degenerative disc disease, I have been using Cannabis regularly for almost three years now. In that time, I have been getting in touch with my deeper self, and have come to have a relationship with it. I have read many books on Zen, dabbled in Hinduism, and am now looking into Gnosticism as the one true religion that is the predessor of them all (actually, I don’t like calling it a religion, but you get the point). I like that you combine ( judging by the picture of Ram Dass, and the Buddha which are behind you in your intro video) all of these practices as well, with entheogenic experiences. You should do a podcast, my friend! And I would like to do one too, but that hasn’t panned out for me yet. Keep up the good work, and you’ll definately hear from me again, I’m sure.

    • jameswjesso Reply

      Hey rick, for some reason I didn’t get your full comment earlier…
      I am glad you have found a path towards your center in life. I have had many friends of mine speak on Cannabis as a sacred plant which they use for journeying. I personally do not use it very often, yet when I do it is with respect to it’s sacredness. There is some wonderful information about using hashish (and sex) for profound states of mystical awareness in a book called “sex, drugs, and magick” by Robert Anton Wilson. My house mate is reading it right now and has been giving me the download throughout the process and I’m looking forward to giving it a read when he is finished.
      As for your comments about combining old and contemporary spiritual texts in enlightenment with the psychedelic experience. I think those text give great light towards the spiritual implications of the psychedelic experience. I also think it is important to translate them from their cultural dialect of their time into something reflective of an integral understanding (rather then just taking them as is).
      …. I’d love to start a podcast…. 😉

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