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Yes, the established order of deceit and selfish materialistic gain through capitalism operating at the higher levels of organization in our civilization face inevitable collapse under the weight of its own destructive force, but simply accepting and recognizing it will do nothing to help.

The world that we live in is the total sum average of the choices we make and the people we choose to be. Where the world is now is the destructive result of unconscious reactivity to the flooding of self-wealth and abundance that came from industrialization and agriculture. The fact that we can recognize this tension with conscious criticism is a sign of good progress, as it is only when we can recognize tension that we can begin to understand our ability to dissolve it.

I don’t mean to imply that we have to begin to learn how to dissolve the tension existing on a worldwide scale. Remember, the world is the sum total average of our choices. So if in our personal lives, with ourselves and with others we are close with — our family, our community — we choose to recognize and move beyond tension into the space surrounding; we are helping to make progress.

Rupert Sheldrake, a cell biologist, suggests that species communicate with each other on the genetic and subconscious level via “morphogenetic fields” and “morphic resonance”. What he proposes is that there is a field by which species intercommunicate their development. When one bird of a species learns a new skill that can benefit the survival of the species, by morphic resonance and through these fields, that skill is communicated to all the other birds of that species. Enabling that skill to be more easily learned by all the other birds of that species. So when we learn to dissolve tension in our lives, how to live more compassionately, deal with anxiety or generally progress with intention in our lives we make that a more available option for our entire species, echoing strongest first in those you are closest with

We are bubbles on the surface, though we are also the water beneath us. Every barrier you dissolve in your life, you help dissolve in the collected mind. Every time you transcend tension and build a new space of compassionate progression, you make that space more available to everyone else.

The progress of quantum physics is beginning to show us in more complete detail that it is observation that creates the perpetuating reality around us. Morphic Resonance shows us how we may be unconsciously communicating that reality between each other to build a common ground. So as we approach a worldwide tension resulting from many poor choices of behavior from our society’s forefathers and elders, we need to be aware of what we are bringing out to our fellow (hu)man. Do we want to create only the observation of what’s wrong and sit in it like a cold damp wallow, uncomfortable but familiar? If we are to progress into maturity as individuals and as a collective, we have to actively choose and create action, otherwise we will not help to pull ourselves beyond neutral.

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  1. Xcellent James! You are right… the reality we experience is the result of the projection of our collective consciousness. Time for a new movie wouldn’t ya say?

  2. It is important as well we all believe. For our thoughts create reality. If we believe together, educate one another, and choose co-creation for the highest good of all our ‘issues’ will disappear. All world ‘issues’ are the manifestations of the collective mind. I do disagree on one point James. Trade has always been a fundamental part of human nature. We like to make things and share with one another. I think conscious capitalism in it’s philosophical laisse-faire state works. Humanity has more or less been living under a fascist serfdom for several centuries. This structure was disguised behind the international banking system. With true understanding and knowledge, we will move into an age where resources are allocated for the right reasons. It is happening. People are waking up. This is why so many have incarnated here, right now, to experience the shift. Into the not so distant future money will no longer be a conceivable concept due to the abundance that this world contains. For we, as you state, are energy. We are immortal. We live on heaven. And we can change the world in the blink of an eye. It all begins with our thoughts.

    • jameswjesso Reply

      Matt, I’m not sure where I had stated a counter to trade being within our long running history. I will state now, to clarify just in case, that I do fully support a system of trade and exchange. We need to address how that trade operates to maximize mutual benefit between parties. Do you know of Charles Eisenstein. His book Sacred Economics discusses how this can be addressed quite wonderfully. He is a brilliant writer.
      Thank you again for your words, they are beautiful.

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