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This world of meaning and history, that we inhabit from within ourselves, is the amalgamated expression of the stories we have learned to tell. We are the storytellers of the universe. Yet, throughout our course of evolution as conscious beings, these stories have shifted away from the once vibrant expressions of culturally unique cosmologies, stories that once worked to awaken the magic inside of us. They have been hollowed out and made spiritually void, with no more human meaning than a marketing ploy. The history we are being taught is merely a foundation for the sales pitch we were being fed through the corporate-constructed zeitgeist. What this whole thing—being human and alive—really means is being starved from honesty and integrity.

The cosmos of the western mind is so diluted with consumer-focused media propaganda and bereft of honest human emotion that we have lost our connection with the magic. We have lost connection with the very essence, the dynamic mystery of life. Our call to this mystery once guided us into new revelations and advancements in science and art, inspiring the evolution our culture. But now, due to a “lack of funding” for this caliber of human ingenuity, progress in these vital areas of our civilization often only go as deep as will their financial return to the pockets of investors.

How do we fix this? I don’t know, but I have a feeling it starts with changing the stories we tell ourselves about what it means to be human and alive in relation to each other and a technologically advanced society. This means it starts with looking within ourselves and finding the stories we have been told that do not accord with living vivaciously and change them. When we change the stories we tell each other, and change the stories we tell ourselves, we can change the world we live in.

This is my purpose, my passion. My writing is my art, my words are my paints and my subject is the mystery. I seek to jump the fence that corporate consumer culture has planted in my syntax and swim in the complexities of what “magic” means to a conscious human being, living in a society that has come this far in scientific and technological understanding. From these waters, I hope to return with an art to inspire others; an art to work as a reminder of our ability to think outside the conceptual confines “educated” into our minds.

By going beyond the “truth” that I have inherited, by pushing the boundaries within my own mind in hopes of learning something, I create new stories. And vice versa by creating new stories, I push my own boundaries and learn something new. My stories may not be perfect and on the surface, they may not be “truth” for anybody but myself. However, they are honest and in that honest humanness, there is a truth we can share: there is still magic in this world and it exists inside of you.

So go out and explore, go within and explore, go through and around and learn what is “true” for you, make it a story and share it. Let’s create for those who follow us a collection of vibrantly unique stories to share the vast variety of brilliance that shines through life on this little planet. Maybe then we can reignite the spark of magic at the heart our society and bring it back to life, bring it back from the death culture we have been taught to see the world through.

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