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One of the great limitations, dare I say untruths, of the growing psychedelic renaissance, is the over prioritization of the Western scientific/medical model and the inferiorization of recreational use.

Indeed the former is growing the opportunity to expand the presence and place for psychedelics in modern culture and should be celebrated as such. But the latter does us all a disservice and is an unfortunate result of our anti-hedonistic cultural heritage here in the Western world. There is so much potential to be in psychedelic use that shatters the boundaries of the western scientific paradigm and falls nicely into what would otherwise be called recreational use.

This is just one of the topics Julian Vayne helps unpack on this episode of Adventures Through The Mind. We also talk magical traditions, self-transformation with psychedelic, religious history, and the nuances around cultural appropriation in the neo-shamanic and nonaboriginal cultures of the modern world. We also talk about different activities or games we can play while tripping to endow a greater sense of meaning in not only our psychedelic adventures but in our daily lives as well.

Julian Vayne is an occultist and the author of numerous books, essays, journals, and articles in both the academic and esoteric press. While his name is closely associated with chaos magic Julian is also an initiated Wiccan, member of the Kaula Nath lineage and Master Mason.

Episode Breakdown

  • Disambiguating “magic”, “self-transformation”, and “spirituality”.
  • The legitimacy of the recreational use of psychedelics.
  • The root of, and dissociation from, ectasis in religious history.
  • The herding of the mind.
  • Neoshamanism and cultural appropriation.
  • The principle of ceremony and how to make your own.
  • Welding (chaos) magick to craft meaning in psychedelic experiences.
  • The importance of PLAY!!! (and games to play while tripping).
  • Differences/similarities between magick & Jungian depth psychology.

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