Looking at the cosmos as a pool where the greatest depths are the most inclusive and expanded dimensions of consciousness and existence. As we move closer to the surface, we would pass through galactic and planetary consciousness, in and through genetic and molecular history and upwards to the collected human unconscious before touching our cultural shallow end where we splash with our thinking minds across the surface of this vast archaic profundity.

Recognize that though the things perceived as outside of us exist without our ego’s creation – i.e. I, James Jesso did not create the cloud I am watching — these things are still a part of who we are in a grander sense, as they are the various elements of a complete system. A system that exists on various dimensions simultaneously, of which we are also an integral part. Using the aforementioned pool metaphor, different dimensions are like different areas of the pool, wherein, as conscious self-aware beings, we are both the swimmer and the waters we swim in.  Each of these seemingly separate dimensions are a unique expression of self-aware life as well as the fully interconnected system of which they are operating in and through.

Making self-aware life like a fractalized dimensional existence of multiple elements, co-creating the experience of a perceivably material reality.

The connections between these dimensions exist within us on a deeply subconscious level. As a species, most of us are yet unable to fully conceptualize – into a logical observation of ourselves – the unbarred and limitlessness of the connections at the godlike dimension – deepest depth of the pool – of our existence.  Making this dimension of existence, inherent to each one of us, often omitted from consideration within ones conscious life – except for within certain periods of expanded awareness; experiential conditions like Edgar Mitchelle’s Overview effect, peak mystical experiences or psychedelic trips. However, there are ways in which we can expand our perceivable connection to the cosmos beyond the surface level of observation we are normally subject to and its starts with mediation

Meditation is a practice wherein we learn to develop a single pointed-focus, allowing your running mind to be quieted into whatever your intended focus is. This can be an infinitely difficult practice, with infinitely constructive results. Within the pool metaphor, meditation is like holding your breath (yes, that contradiction is intentional) to dive into this pool. The longer we can hold our meditation; the quieter we can make our thinking mind, the closer we can get to a conscious perception of expanded awareness.

When we return to the processes of our normal awareness, the thinking mind returns and our uncontrolled language of our experience begins again. However, when we go into meditative states of being and come back, we are left with an experience. One that can be integrated into our intellect in a way that opens up an ability to recognize aspects of our existence that are deeper then our cultural language

Here I am going to present to you a meditative practice that will help you bring into your conscious mind a more expanded perception of your environment:

If we are able to conceptualize this understanding: that during our mortal lives, we are the entire structure of the universe; God, perceiving itself subjectively via individuated segments of perception. We can empower ourselves with the ability to synchronize both objective and subjective into a non-polarized, non-dual observation of self. This concept is the base for the purpose of this meditation.

Know that as complex self-aware beings, we are taking in stimuli from our objective environment that is lacking inherent “meaning”. It is as this stimuli is computed by our mind and runs through our personal psyche, picking up bits of associated reference along the way, that it becomes the “meaningful” world we perceive to interact with. When preconditioned patterns of thinking are quelled for a moment, we enter a meditation where we observe our current external environment as a space wherein each element present is an expression of different aspects of our self. We can begin to consider what the elements in our environment mean symbolically to us as references to the different aspects of ourselves. Like in a dream, where your environment is constructed by you as a dynamic multitude of subconscious symbolism.

With this process, we begin to learn our deeper selves through the objective observation of our external environment, while simultaneously keeping an internal awareness of what its symbolism is telling us about ourselves. Entering a state of reality marked by a unified self-perception.

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