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I watched the patterns in my shirt as they took on a new sprightliness and began their metamorphosis into tiled iterations of the Flower of Life: a sacred geometric formation constructed of 19 complete circles overlapping each other to create 36 partial circular arcs, enclosed by a large circle. Watching them express themselves across my favourite shirt, I realized why this imagery has become so meaningful to a generation of access to infinite information.

We are learning to identify with the imagery of our visions, our dreams and our creative expression over the marketing of a crumbling empire. I knew the rising popularity of ancient esoteric ideological structures and imagery is a logical result of new minds attempting to find the substance missing from their contemporary predecessor’s incomplete, yet unmitigatedly confident, attempts at explaining what is and why.

I realized how the psychedelic experience has granted us access to a reality channeled ages ago by seers unbound by the heavy limitations of our mass-media culture’s conditioning.

Now, combined with a vast technological reservoir of information and a building grasp on how to learn from the synchronistic flow of life, we are no longer subject to falling victim to a confusion bred of ignorance.

As more of us access this transcendental space, integrating the experience of its lessons into our conscious minds and share it with each other, the more prevalent it will become in the collected consciousness. The more it will be brought to the surface of our self-awareness and by intuitively piecing these lessons together through our instinctive drive to understand “why”, we allow ourselves to access deeper lessons. And the deeper we journey into the quantum ocean of our mind’s potential, the more complex the lessons become.

By working together to bring these lessons to the mutually objective zone of social interaction, through the formulation of a new language to share it with each other, we help to build a more simplistic grasp on life’s self-aware increasing complexity.

We become the pioneers of the emerging evolution of consciousness.

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Image by Perrelet, Courtesy of Creative Commons License

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